10 family movies from the 2000s that deserve a follow-up



As the industry has become so invested in superhero films, family films are practically rare between these days, but the 2000s were full of them.

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While family films are easy viewing experiences, these films were uniquely daring, which may be part of the reason why no potential sequel has been illuminated. Between an adorable criminal fox, one of the most entertaining body swap movies, and tons of fantastic movies, there was so much potential for sequels in this decade.

Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

Mr Fox toasts in a supermarket in Fantastic Mr Fox

It’s a shame Fantastic Mr. Fox did not perform well at the box office, as it is one of the most unique animated films of the 21st century. The stop-motion puppets in the film gave the film a compelling aesthetic, not to mention that it was largely faithful to the source material, as it follows a criminal gang of foxes committing robberies while being hunted down by three farmers. .


The movie had a humor so dry it might go over children’s heads, but it’s perfect for parents, making it one of the hilarious 2000s comedies everyone forgets. And given that it’s animated, a sequel is still possible, narratively speaking. It might even bring back the original vocal cast, which was an impressive roster of movie stars including George Clooney, Bill Murray, and Meryl Streep.

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

Eddie Murphy as Jim Evers in Haunted Mansion with Eyes Wide Open

Disney has tended to turn its theme park rides into movies, and they continue to do so occasionally, as seen with the most recent Jungle cruise. The most famous, Pirates of the caribbean was based on a trick, and it was a huge success, but the same can’t be said for The haunted mansion. But even if it didn’t pull in the box office numbers that Disney wanted, it was still a fun movie full of Eddie Murphy’s quirky humor and energy.

The film follows a real estate agent who brings his family to the mansion, only to realize that he is a sensitive being and that he ends up being tormented. The movie is fun and harmless, and there is so much more that could have been done with the mansion in the sequel. And while this is unrelated, the most recent Monster house is a fun movie in the same vein as the 2003 film.

Zathura (2005)


While board games are a thing of the past for some people, with apps taking center stage, there’s a lot of nostalgia in playing with something physical rather than digital. This is why the new Jumanji the movies, while fun, do not capture the magic or spirit of the original. However, Zathura was a spiritual successor and a spin-off of the original Jumanji, and it’s almost the same movie with different skin.

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The film follows two brothers who find a dusty board game, and when they play it, it transports them to space. A sequel could have pushed the narrative further into space and alien life, or there could even have been a spin-off with a whole new kind of transport board game.

Flown (2001)

Chihiro and Haku met at night in Spirited Away.

When it comes to Studio Ghibli movies, adults and kids love each other just as much, almost even more than Pixar movies. The greatest example of this is Abducted as if by magic, a 2001 film about a young girl who stumbles upon a fantasy land filled with witches, spirits and other Japanese folklore.

There is so much world-building in the movie that the lack of a sequel is wasted potential. However, part of the appeal of Studio Ghibli films is the mystery that envelops the narratives. So there’s a chance a follow-up would reveal the man behind the curtain, which would spoil the fun. But on the other hand, even if it’s not a sequel, a live-action Abducted as if by magic would look great.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)

UNHAPPY EVENT SERIES 2004 film with Jim Carey

Being the pioneering wacky character actor that he is, Jim Carrey was on an endless streak in the 1990s and 2000s. The actor went from The grinch and Almighty bruce To Eternal sun of the spotless spirit, all in a few years, and A series of unfortunate events was fast becoming another classic Jim Carrey slapstick vehicle.

Based on the children’s book series of the same name, Unfortunate events follows Count Olaf, who tries to swindle his distant relatives of their inheritance. Given that there are so many books in the series, the movie could have been the start of a huge series, and according to Variety, that was the original plan. However, there’s the Netflix reboot, which is almost as good.

Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

Jess and Leslie race to see who's faster

Bridge to Terabithia is one of the most engaging and visually inspiring fantasy films of the 2000s. It follows two fifth graders who create Terabithia, a fantasy land where they can forget about their life issues. The film had the perfect foundation on which to build a franchise, and the world of Terebithia leaves audiences begging for more.

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There’s no sequel to the novel the film is based on, so there wouldn’t have been any source material to release if a sequel was in development. However, as movie studios will force production of any sequel if the original is successful, it’s surprising Disney didn’t, as the 2007 film was a huge box office success.

Elf (2003)

Will Ferrell as Buddy the Elf while waving Elf

It didn’t take long to Elf to become a classic Christmas movie, as it was a staple on TV just a few years after its release. Its status as an instant classic is due to the fact that it combines almost stoner comedy humor with heartfelt family schmalz and so many Christmas imagery.

Given its success, Elf 2 Should have launched into production immediately, but 18 years later fans are still waiting. However, it’s not like the studio doesn’t want to do it, and New Line Cinema has tried to get it off the ground so many times. But Will Ferrell turned down $ 29 million for Elf 2 because he just thought it wouldn’t have been good.

Black Friday (2003)

Tess and Anna look at each other in the mirror after the body swap in Freaky Friday

There are several versions of Horrible friday, and the 2003 version was not the first. There have been so many variations on the body swap formula since then, but the film starring Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis is a classic for a whole generation of 2000s kids.

It might have been difficult to create a sequel, given the mother and daughter had already swapped bodies once. However, with Anna being a high school student, the body swap would have been fun to see in the next phase of her life: college. The film could still be shot today, 18 years later, as it could see Anna, now mother, and Tess, now grandmother, having to keep the body swap secret from children.

Holes (2003)

Holes tells the story of a group of boys at a correctional training camp in Texas where they are subjected to digging holes all day long in the scorching sun. It is one of the few mystery films that is suitable for children and adults alike, and more impressive still, it is able to captivate both audiences.

Holes is a standalone story that comes neatly wrapped up at the end of the two hours, but there was still more story to be told. As Holes is based on the novel of the same name, author Louis Sachar wrote a sequel titled Small steps, who follows Armpit after his release from Camp Greenlake.

Where Are the Wild Things (2009)

Max and Wild Thing walk together at sunset in Where The Wild Things Are

Surprisingly, writer-director Spike Jonze was able to stretch the thin picture book of Where the wild things are in a 100 minute movie, because there isn’t too much source material to stream. But since Jonze has essentially created a whole fantasy world based on a few drawings, the author’s imagination knows no bounds. He would easily be able to cut another skinny, handsome family movie off the property.

On top of that, the movie is unlike any other movie ever made. Between the creatures of Wild Things themselves, which are made with a combination of physical and digital effects, and the world of jungle and sand dunes, the film’s inventiveness lends itself to a series.

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