10 family movies from the 90s that deserved sequels


Family movies in the ’90s were a completely different breed from family movies today. Now family movies are based on existing properties and are almost always animated, but by the 90s the genre was full of peewee sports movies, heartwarming movies based on fantasy worlds, and they were almost always shot with more. of a notable child actors.

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Many of them, like Alone at home and The mighty ducks, would receive sequelae. Still, there were plenty more that deserved follow-ups, but, for one reason or another, they were left behind and completely forgotten. Between the comedies directed by Robin Williams and the Christmas movies directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, these family films should have had sequels in the 90s, but they completely missed the boat.

ten The Borrowers (1997)

Excerpt from the 1997 children's film The Borrowers.

Mary Norton’s children’s novel has had so many TV and movie adaptations over the decades, but the big-budget Hollywood movie is by far the best portrayal of Borrowers. It’s a fun, twisty movie about a family of humans who are no taller than four inches. It’s almost like live action Toy story, because Borrowers use life-size tools in an inventive way.

There should have been a sequel considering how rich the world is, and there are so many creative ways borrowers could have been used in the full-sized world. However, as noted FilmWeb, There is a Borrowers reboot in development which could potentially be even better than the 1997 film.

9 Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

Robin Williams’ portrayal of a divorced voice actor who pretends to be a nanny just so he can see his children has been endlessly parodied and is a staple in pop culture. The story has even been copied countless times, but nothing beats the reality.

A Mrs. Doubtfire The sequel could have followed Daniel (Williams) and the trials and tribulations of his new TV show “Euphegenia’s House,” which went into production at the end of the original. Although a Mrs. Doubtfire the sequel never happened, viewers may have even more Mrs. Doubtfire footage, as fans pressure studios to make the film’s directorial cut.


8 Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)

Jungle 2 Jungle

It might sound like a sequel already, as it literally has number two in the title, but Jungle 2 Jungle is an original film. He follows Michael, a businessman who finds out he has a teenage son who grew up in the jungle.

The film wasn’t the most critically-acclaimed film of the ’90s, but it had a heart and saw Michael realize that modern life isn’t all it’s meant to be. The end of the film sees Michael heading into the jungle and becoming inducted into the tribe. A sequel could have seen him return to New York years later, hilariously trying to adjust to stock market life.

seven Mouse Hunt (1997)

A scene from MouseHunt starring Nathan Lane and Lee Evans.

Mouse hunting is one of the best slapstick comedies of the 90s, as it follows the attempts of two brothers to sell a mansion and, at the same time, exterminate a house mouse. The ending saw the Mouse working in harmony with Lars and Ernie in a cheese factory they built together, almost like a bizarre Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

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A sequel to Mouse hunting could have continued this strange dynamic. It was a surprise that not only Mouse hunting no sequel, but that Lee Evans didn’t get more movie roles. He remained a prominent figure in British stand-up comedy, but he apparently gave up the Hollywood world altogether.

6 The Little Rascals (1994)

The little rascals is about a group of mischievous young boys who love go-karts and hate women, and most of the movie focuses on those two things. Many gags are reused from our gang, which was a series of shorts from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.

At the end of the movie, the clubhouse is rebuilt after being set on fire, and the girls are now invited to the club, perfectly setting up more misadventures in a sequel. On top of that there were still so many hilarious things our gang sequences missing from the 1994 film that could have appeared in a second film.

5 The Little Giants (1994)

In the 90s, multiplexes were teeming with sports films, be it The mighty ducks Where Cool races, but one of the most underrated was Little giants. The movie is about a peewee football team full of outcasts trying to face the best team in the league.

There could have been some entertaining sequels, especially given the brash and weirdness of Team Peewee’s characters. It could have been the football version of The mighty ducks and build a whole series, but Little giants ended up as a unique piece. The lack of sequel was probably due to its box office performance; as noted by IMDb, the film failed to recover its budget.

4 Jingle All The Way (1996)

Jingle All the Way is one of the most modest Christmas films ever made. He sees Howard (Arnold Schwarzenegger) recklessly wandering around Minneapolis in search of a popular sold-out Christmas toy. The film was derided when it was first released, but it has only grown more acclaimed with each passing Christmas. Fans love to repeat quotes like “set the cookie!” And “I’m not a pervert. I was just looking for a Turbo Man Doll.

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It would have been great to see Schwarzenegger in his most modest and ordinary role once again, to see him struggle to find another hot Christmas toy. However, there was actually a sequel. Jingle all the way 2 was released 18 years later and starred Larry The Cable Guy, but it had nothing to do with the original film and straight to DVD.

3 Mathilde (1996)

Mathilde Roald Dahl

There are plenty of ’90s family films that have good intentions but have irreverent and cruel undertones, finding humor in vicious pranks and violence. Fortunately, Mathilde is the healthiest, most upbeat movie there is.

The family movies of the 90s could have been made with healthier movies, and Mathilde 2 it could have been that, with the main character using her magic to help her friends like she did with Bruce Bogtrotter. But despite Mathilde turning 25 this year, all hope is not lost for a sequel. According to ComicBook.com, Danny DeVito said there is still potential for a Mathilde continuation, which would concern Mathilde’s own daughter.

2 Hook (1991)

Peter Pan with his lost boys in Hook.

Robin Williams was the main actor in the family film. His slapstick comedy and impressions won over children, and the glow of maturity that shines through them won over adults as well. It couldn’t be truer than with To hang up, because the actor is literally playing an adult version of Peter Pan. It’s an interesting take on the character, and the practical world of Neverland is unlike anything else.

There could easily have been a follow-up To hang up; even though he didn’t follow Peter Pan, there could have been a different kind of narrative in this world given how detailed it is. It’s no surprise that there hasn’t been a sequel, at least not from director Steven Spielberg, because according to ScreenRant he’s recorded as hating the movie, but it’s one of those movies. who is hated by critics but loved by general audiences. However, there was a 15-minute Rufio prequel that sparked interest in To hang upbehind the scenes secrets and, according to IndieWire, director Dante Basco attempted to launch another film in the To hang up universe in 2017.

1 Little Soldiers (1998)

Little soldiers uses a proven formula that was used extensively in the 90s. Just like with Toy Story, The Closet Indian, and Jumanji, small soldiers sees toys come to life, but the 1998 film does it in a unique way. Little soldiers is one of the most forgotten gems of the ’90s, and it pits super smart monster toys against soldier toys, and the two teams are destined to fight forever.

It doesn’t take long for soldiers to hilariously build weapons out of everyday tools – they even create armies of evil Barbie clones. There were worlds of possibilities for a sequel, especially since the human characters were just as compelling as the inventive toy characters. The closest thing to a sequel possible was a remake called Toymageddon which was in development at Fox, but has since been canceled.

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