10 fun family activities to do this fall


The calendar finally says fall, so to celebrate the changing leaves and cooling weather, you can try one of the following activities with your kids to usher in the season.


1. Take a nature walk. Forest bathing is very popular now, where you walk through a wooded area while engaging all of your senses. You can take the children to a park or a path, or even around your garden, and have them look at the plants and insects, smell the fresh air, smell the tree trunks or the cool breeze, listen to the birds chirping and take a sip of tea. (don’t eat unfamiliar plants while you’re on the go!).


2. As you explore, kids love collecting leaves for craft projects. You can make wreaths, scrapbooks, leaves, potpourri or garlands. You probably already have markers, sequins, pom poms and googly eyes in your craft closet. Let your creativity run wild.


3. Read a nature-themed book. You can get cozy on the couch and read them together or sit by a fire while you camp. You’re never too old for story time!

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4. A train ride is hard to resist, especially when it comes with pumpkin picking, snacking and costume contests. It’s the perfect way to view the fall foliage while relaxing.

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5. We can’t leave out those must-have fall activities, apple picking and pumpkin picking. Dress children in long pants and boots if you are hiking in the orchard. Kids and adults alike will enjoy using the long picking pole to grab apples from tree tops. And in the pumpkin patch, there are usually squashes of all sizes to decorate, carve or make into pies. Check inside the Farmers Market for lots of great recipes.


6. Dozens of fall festivals are planned across the state. You can shoot a corn cannon, build a scarecrow, eat German food, or go on a sightseeing cruise.


7. Speaking of sightseeing, looking at the fall foliage is always a great fall pastime. There are plenty of highways and back roads throughout NJ where you can get a great look at why Jersey is called the great Garden State.


8. Plan an outdoor picnic. At this time of year, it’s good to make heartier sandwiches like peanut butter and jelly or turkey on rye and accompany lunch with delicious apple cider donuts and a pumpkin spice latte.

corn maze

9. Many farms and fields offer corn mazes to walk through. Some are for young children and have clues along the way, while others are for adults to navigate the trails at night using a flashlight. Mazes are usually cut in the shape of popular people or organizations, and many have charitable causes.


10. After spending all day having fun in the fall, the best way to end the evening is with s’mores by the campfire. If you don’t have a backyard fire pit, you can buy a portable version that usually sits on the counter or even one that’s microwaveable.


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