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Finding a movie you want to watch on Netflix is ​​hard enough, but trying to find a family movie that everyone can watch can seem nearly impossible. But don’t worry: whether you want to laugh, cry or just feel good, we’ve found the Netflix movies the whole cast will enjoy, whatever your family’s tastes.

Here, you’ll find movies to suit any mood: families with sports fanatics or athletes are sure to enjoy one of Netflix’s many soccer movies, like home team, while a feel-good movie like benji will leave everyone smiling. And if you’re looking for more of a classic film, queue up for the beloved family favorite Dennis threatens her! Finally, you know that we only needed to include a good romantic comedy: The princess switch acts as a fun, family-friendly rom-com perfect for hopeless romantics.

Instead of going to the theater, use this guide to plan a family movie night everyone will be looking forward to. Grab your favorite snacks, some comfy clothes (possibly some handkerchiefs too) and browse through this list of some of our favorites. You and your family can thank us later!

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Paddington (2014)

An adventure awaits you with this pick! Paddington follows the life of an adorable young bear from the jungles of Peru as he searches for a family in London.


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We can be heroes

Aliens versus young superheroes…need we say more? This fun movie gives kids exactly what they want and parents will be entertained too!


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Home team

Being suspended from practice in the NFL isn’t exactly good news, especially when your team just won the Super Bowl. This dad is using his time away from the pros to coach his 12-year-old son’s not-so-good soccer team.


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Dennis threatens her

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? A young boy named Dennis is, well, a menace! But he could also be the unlikely hero who can stop a sneaky thief.


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Penguins of Madagascar

These penguins are far from ordinary…because penguins don’t go on military adventures or help undercover agents defeat bad guys, do they?


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A movie about a cute puppy should already be convincing enough. But just in case it’s not, benji follows the hour dog as he rescues two siblings from danger.


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Wish Dragon

What if life was as simple as making a wish and having it come true? This student falls on this exact fate when he meets a magical but cynical dragon. His wish ? To find his long lost friend.


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Stuart Small 2

Stuart is a mouse you would really want to see in your home! Watch him roam the city, with the help of the family cat, to avenge his new friend from an evil hawk.


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The princess switch

Imagine this: a normal girl from Chicago and a royal princess discover that they look alike. What are they doing? Change your life a little (obviously)!

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Enola Holmes

Meet Enola: Sherlock Holmes’ little sister. She’s as smart and adventurous as you’d expect her to be. But can she solve a mystery that threatens the whole country of England?


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My octopus teacher

Filmmaker Craig Foster befriends an octopus who exposes him to the secrets of South Africa’s kelp forest. This powerful film also won the Oscar for best documentary in 2021.


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next generation

A girl and her new best friend (who happens to be a robot) take it upon themselves to battle bullies of all shapes, sizes, and lifeforms.


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The Smurfs

The Smurfs is an easy and humorous version of an old children’s cartoon. Kids will love it while parents can reminisce.


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blue miracle

We are not crying, you are crying: a man and his orphaned children must act quickly if they are to save their orphanage from ruin. A glimmer of hope appears when they enter a fishing contest that could change everything.


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happy feet

Two words: Happy. Feet. 👏 This 2006 classic takes us on a dance-filled musical journey as Mumble the penguin discovers what makes him special. Get ready to sing…a lot!


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