22 fun and free summer family activities


14. Make Popsicles

We’re all hoping for a warm summer and what better way to cool off than making popsicles with your little ones. This easy summer activity is a great way to introduce new vocabulary and quench their thirst!

If you feel like being a bit more adventurous, you can try doing packet instant icealthough this activity is more suitable for slightly older children.

15. Go bowling with a plastic bottle

This simple summer game can be set up in your garden or hallway. If you don’t have enough empty bottles for your bowling, you can use toilet paper tubes.

This fun game will encourage your little one to play together, take turns and describe what they are doing.

16. Make toys

Stimulate your child’s imagination by make your own toys!

Toys don’t have to be fancy or expensive. With this simple summer activity, you can make toys out of anything from egg cartons to bottle tops and cereal boxes. Give your toys names and characters and get ready for hours of fun!

17. Make your own puzzle

Help develop your child’s concentration and coordination skills by creating your own puzzle.

All you need are old newspapers, magazines or cereal boxes. Just gently cut or tear the pages or boxes from the magazine, then help your child put them back together.

Remember to use child-friendly scissors and to supervise at all times.

18. Create your own DIY musical instruments

Kids love music and the best part is that it can be introduced into almost any activity. Of sing while feeding to special songs during bath time, you don’t need a voice like that of an angel to sing along with your child.

Make your own musical instruments is a fun activity to do at home. All you need are empty yogurt pots or coffee cans and some balloons.

Want to create a complete group? To make your own guitar, all you need is an old cereal box and some rubber bands. Start these vocal warm-ups now!

19. Make paper planes

To be able to make a paper airplane is a rite of passage once children start school. Start early and make colored paper airplanes with your little ones. You can paint and decorate them and watch them hover in your living room or garden.

If your child is a bit young to make paper airplanes, you can simply try tear paper. This noisy activity is very popular with children and gives you the opportunity to introduce new vocabulary such as “rustling” and “crunchy”.

20. Bake something together

Build memories with your little ones by cooking together. This summer activity can encourage picky toddlers to try new foods and experiment with different textures and flavors.

To add nursery rhymes or songs for your baking activities can also help children remember simple recipes and routines.

21. Make homemade modeling clay

We warn you that this fun summer activity might get a little messy!

Making modeling clay is a great creative sensory play activity for kids and parents! Our homemade modeling clay recipe is easy to follow and is made from everyday ingredients.

Making homemade modeling clay is a perfect family activity for rainy summer days. It can help develop fine motor skills, improve language and social skills, and can even calm children down if they’re a little too energetic at bedtime.

22. Build an inner fort

Our last fun activity is to make an indoor fort. The best thing about it the activity idea is that it can be combined with storage!

While you tidy up, your child can help stack the toys and boxes and tell you what they’re building. Your child can steer and decide where the toys go. It can also help establish routines and keep her room a little cleaner.

Whether you choose cloud watching, fort building or family sleepovers as your summertime activity, you’ll begin to make memories with your little one that will last a lifetime.

There are so many fun summer activities to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one to do first. If you want to add some excitement to the summer vacation, why not write down all the activities on pieces of paper and put them in a jar. Your child might choose one whenever you are looking for something to do together.

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