5 Best Family Movies To Watch After “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”


A24’s recent film named Marcel the shell with shoes (2021) follows the adventure of a small seashell who sets out on a journey to find his long-lost family as he reminisces about the seashell community where he once lived. The film has a very interesting hook behind it, as a mockumentary appears to interview Marcel himself.

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The movie was made by Dean FleischerCampwho is the original creator of Marcel the shell because the movie is based on old shorts he posted on YouTube with the same characters. Anyone who has seen the film knows how authentic and touching each element is. It’s a very heartwarming experience and is by far the most adorable movie of the year so far. If you liked the beautiful nature of Marcel the shellthese films share similar vibes and will leave you with the same sense of joyful emotions.


‘Paddington’ 1 & 2

Based on the famous Paddington book series, the films follow a Peruvian bear named ‘Paddington’ who lives with a caring family known as the ‘Browns’ while he engages in charming antics in London. Both Paddington movies are the perfect companions alongside Marcel the shell as they both follow a pretty personified creature and their adventures in the human world.

Like Marcel, Paddington is a very witty and quirky protagonist who has such a heartwarming screen presence. Both movies are very charming family films that have plenty of satisfying and wholesome moments. Either Paddington one or two are worth checking out if you want Marcel the shellhowever, the second Paddington is normally held in high regard as it consists of a much more distinct style and personality.

“Where’s the Wild Things” (2009)

Spike Jonzeswhere the wild things are tells the story of a lonely young boy named Max (Maximum number of records), who sails to a mystical island inhabited by these beast-like creatures known as “Wild Things”. The film is a very touching story about imagining ideas and getting lost in the thoughts of your own mind.

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The film shares a calming aesthetic very similar to Marcel the shell as well as sharing many similar character aspects. Both films manage to convey such a great sense of emotion from fictional creatures that cause the audience to genuinely care about their feelings and desires.

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit follows a man named Eddie (Bob Hoskin), an investigator hired to exonerate Roger Rabbit (Charles Fleischer), an animated character who was falsely accused of murdering the owner of a famous corporation. Despite having a very different story to Marcel the shellthey still share a number of similarities.

Both films are set in a reality where animated characters and real people live together and combine live action with animation. Whereas Marcel the shell is a stop-motion animated character, Roger Rabbit is 2D animated and blends in very well with real life. Both films do a great job of making their animated characters feel like they actually exist in the real world due to their seamless interactions with people and the environment.

“The Secret World of Arrietty” (2010)

Arrietty’s Secret World is a very charming Studio Ghibli film that tells the story of a family of “borrowers”, a group of tiny people who live hidden between the walls of a house. One day, the young daughter of the family, Arrietty, befriends one of the humans, which causes conflict as she tries to maintain this friendship while trying to keep her family’s location a secret. . The film is beautifully animated and consists of some very impressive visuals.

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The most creative aspect of the film is how it works with scale. The Borrower family has adapted to using all sorts of small human objects in non-traditional ways, such as pins as swords or hair clips as hair ties. For perspective, a sugar cube could last a few weeks in the hands of borrowers. This sense of scale is very similar to Marcel, as he is a small shell that also interacts with small human objects to earn a living. Both movies do a great job of conveying the small size of the characters and how they fit and interact in a human environment.

“A Town Called Panic” (2009)

This French stop-motion comedy film is a very joyful experience that doesn’t really rely on a story. The film follows ‘Cowboy’ (Stephane Aubier) and “Indian” (Bruce Ellison) as they try to get their friend, ‘Horse’ (Vincent Pattar) a birthday present. However, don’t be fooled by the basic premise as the film mostly focuses on its comedic aspects and follows the goofy adventures of these characters and the spontaneous situations they encounter. The movie is hilarious and has incredible comedic voice acting and great slapstick humor.

The film’s style is meant to come across as child’s play. All the characters are toy figures and the movie scenarios and exaggerated emotions resemble a child’s imaginative mind. The character design looks a lot like Marcel the shell because they both consist of very playful and childish characters, as well as sharing the technique of stop-motion.

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