75 Most Underrated Family Movies You Need To Watch


If you’re a fan of the wonderful Disney film “Coco”, then you’ll definitely love Jorge R. Gutierrez’s animated musical fantasy “The Book of Life”, which also gives viewers an interesting take on the sacred Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. The 2014 film features the voices of Diego Luna, Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum as they bring the characters of childhood friends Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada and Joaquín Mondragon to life.

After witnessing the strong bond of friends Manolo, Maria and Joaquín, the gods of the afterlife La Muerte and Xibalba make a bet on who Maria will marry: Manolo or Joaquín? La Muerte rules over the Land of the Forgotten and believes Manolo will win Maria’s heart, while Xibalba oversees the dark Land of the Forgotten and stakes his money on Joaquín. The stakes of this bet are high: if La Muerte wins, then Xibalba must stop interfering in human affairs, but if Xibalba wins, then the two must exchange their kingdoms.

As the trio grows older, Maria falls in love with Manolo, who wins her heart with his sincerity and serenades. So Xibalba decides to cheat to win the bet and tricks Manolo into giving up his life to save Maria. Manolo must fight his way through the underworld in an attempt to return to the land of the living, while Maria tries to fend off pressure from Joaquín and his family.

“The Book of Life” offers a colorful and vibrant story that showcases Mexico’s rich culture and beautiful afterlife perspective. It primarily highlights Manolo’s epic journey through the realms of the Land of the Forgotten and the Land of Memories, as he fights for his undying love for Maria.


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