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Randall Murphrée
The Stand Editor (Print)

an unlikely angel. Robert Amaya.

As soon as I saw the movie title and the actor’s name together, I laughed. I could hardly wait to see it. Amaya is one of today’s finest actors. You can count on it to strike an emotional chord and hit your funny bone with hilarious in-character comedy.

an unlikely angel is a new release from Pure Flix in the company’s year-end family film parade.

In this one, contemporary New York City street scenes flash across the screen as a brief voice-over depicts God giving his angel “Gabe” a new mission:

Gabe: What a beautiful day!

Thank God.

Gabe: So… are we looking at anyone in particular or just tourism?

God: You know we always have a purpose.

Gabe: Good point. What is the mission?

God: There’s a woman I want you to watch…and I think she might need a little help.

So Gabe is freed, careening his classic mid-1950s Chevy sedan through various scenarios as he cares for Janie and Dave, a young couple who will soon face multiple major challenges – crises of faith, troubled relationships. , misplaced priorities, long hospital stay, and literally life and death.

To whet your appetite for the story, Gabe arrives at the perfect time to drive Janie to the hospital for her emergency early birth. She easily gets in the car, he tells her that he is an angel sent to help her. Then he quickly crashes the car. But I say no more than that.

Family movie extravaganza

Welcome to the cinema! On the program this season, 190 films and series which, according to Pure Flix, are suitable for families. No, I haven’t watched all 190 titles in the lineup, but I have watched several, and I think we’re on pretty safe ground here. The Pure Flix program lists a wide range of classics, new releases, year-round favourites, and Christmas fun and inspiration.

Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott assured The stall in an exclusive interview, “We want to get away from all that sex and violence and language that you see in so much content today and really bring in something that honors God, that puts God first in what we show and what we show.”

With weekly themes, Pure Flix kicks off the miracle-themed parade from November 13-19, including an unlikely angel. Amaya is perfect for the role of Gabe; he lets his best shine by capitalizing on that serious/comic element he’s mastered. He’s been an audience favorite since playing Javier in the film Courageous. Do you remember Javier? Nope?

How about “Snake King?” Yes, Amaya created the hilarious and unforgettable, menacing “Snake King”, pretending in one scene to be a dangerous threat to a handcuffed and terrified gang member stuck in the backseat of a cop’s car. If you have not witnessed this scene, it is worth finding it.

On, you can follow his career and even sign up to receive this Snake-King newsletter. But I digress.

Faith and family balance

Amaya’s genuine Christian faith and commitment to family are reflected in her life choices. For example, after the birth of a daughter, he retired from a fledgling career to be home with his family.

Returning to the screen now as the unlikely Gabe, Amaya once again demonstrates the wide range of her talents. As always, he creates a lovable, laughable, and ultimately commendable character for how his role helps build a story with a Christian message.

He has appeared in many family hits, including Mom’s night, Ego Altar, Crisis unitand Nothing is impossibleanother new Pure Flix feature released in the fall lineup.

I had the opportunity to have a brief chat with Amaya about the two an unlikely angel and Nothing is impossible.

The latter will appear during the week of December 11 with Amaya joined by actor David AR White, another recognized name in Christian films. This week’s theme is a new beginning.

White plays Scott Beck, a failed basketball prodigy who blew his chances and lived an unfulfilled life for two decades.

Amaya plays Nick Martin, a high school basketball coach, outspoken Christian, and sponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Nick is also the longtime friend who tries to help the cynical Scott escape the unhappy lifestyle he’s allowed to keep him from succeeding at just about anything.

“One of the things I love about this script is that it’s a great metaphor,” Amaya said. “On the surface it’s about doing or accomplishing the impossible, but what it’s really about is redemption. And as we know, redemption is an impossibility without Christ.

“[Families] can get that on any device,” Scott said The stall. “They can register at and access all the content anytime, anywhere and on any device – smart TVs, tablets, phones, on the web.”


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