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Ned Dennehy has made a name for himself in the film industry as an actor. He has starred in several movies and TV shows, but is best known for his role as Tommy in the British drama film Tyrannosaur. His ability to kill all roles has won him more gigs and fans across the world. How about finding out more about this talented actor?

Ned Dennehy is an Irish actor who has appeared in several movies and TV shows and is known for his role as Tommy in Tyrannosaur. Photo: @ OutlanderTVSeries.starz
Source: Facebook

So who is Ned Dennehy? He is an Irish actor who has appeared in several films, including King Arthur, Harry Porter, Blitz, and The Eagle. The article below will take a look at Ned Dennehy’s biography: his birthday, age, nationality, gender, acting career, net worth and profile.

Profile summary and biography of Ned Dennehy

  • Name: Ned Dennehy
  • Date of Birth: December 8, 1965
  • Age of Ned Dennehy: 56 in 2021
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Kind: Man
  • Native country: Ireland
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Job: Actor
  • Famous for: Tommy as a tyrannosaurus
  • Ned Dennehy’s net worth: $ 5 million
  • Ned Dennehy’s Twitter: @NedDennehy
  • Ned Dennehy’s height: 6’2 “
  • Eye colour: Blue
  • Hair color: Brown

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How old is Ned Dennehy?

Biography of Ned Dennehy
He has starred in several movies and TV shows, including Peaky Blinders, Harry Potter, Pixie, Calm with Heroes, and Outlander. Photo: @Juan Roig
Source: Facebook

Ned Dennehy was born on December 8, 1965 in Ireland. Details of his childhood and upbringing have not yet been released. This year, the award-winning actor will be 56 years old and his astrological sign is Sagittarius. In addition, his ethnicity is Caucasian.

Is Ned Dennehy related to Brian Dennehy?

No he’s not. The end Brian Dennehy was an American actor in theater, television and film. Known for his various roles in more than 180 films, he won two Tony Awards, an Olivier Award and a Golden Globe. In addition, it received six Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Unfortunately, the famous actor passed away on April 15, 2020, of cardiac arrest due to sepsis in New Haven, Connecticut.

Ned Dennehy’s acting career

Was Ned Dennehy in Game Of Thrones? No he wasn’t. The Irish actor has played several roles in Irish, British and American films. He showed his talent and skills, making him a household name in the industry. Here are some of the movies and tv shows Ned Dennehy appeared in.

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Ned Dennehy in Harry potter

In the 2010 fantasy film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, the actor played Alderton, a wizard living somewhere in the British Isles during the Second Wizarding War. Despite his claims to be a half-blood, Alderton was interviewed by the Muggle-Born Registration Commission. He was either sent to Azkaban or stripped of his wand and work. In the film, he is credited as Scared Man.

Ned Dennehy in Peaky Blinders

Who played Uncle Charlie in Peaky blinders? Ned also played the role of Charlie Strong, the uncle of the Shelby siblings. Charlie works for Thomas alongside members of the Peaky Blinders and Curly in his backyard, regularly helping with stock, preparing shipments and taking care of horses for the Shelby Company Limited.

Ned Dennehy Movies and TV Shows

  • King Arthur (2010)
  • Blitz (2011)
  • Tyrannosaurus (2011)
  • The Eagle (2011)
  • Jane Eyre (2011)
  • Serena (2014)
  • Child 44 (2015)
  • The Box (2017)
  • Mandy (2018)
  • Citizen Way (2018)
  • Finky (2019)
  • Supervised (2019)
  • Quiet with the Heroes (2019)
  • Akimbo 2 Pistols (2019)
  • Sprite (2020)
  • Underdious (2020)

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Ned Dennehy TV Shows

Biography of Ned Dennehy
The Irish actor receives the award for best actor in a supporting dramatic role. Photo: @iftaonline
Source: Facebook
  • The ambassador (1998) as Shay
  • The end of the parade (2012) as father Consett
  • Peaky Blinders (2013-2019) as Charlie Strong
  • Da Vinci’s demons (2014-2015) as leader of the labyrinth
  • Banned (2015) as Molloy letters
  • Clean break (2015) as Noel Blake
  • Dickensian (2015-2016) as Ebeneezer Scrooge
  • Dominion Creek (2015-2017) as Captain Pat ‘Irish Pat’ Galvin
  • Problem (2015-2017) as Paddy Fitzgerald
  • Broken (2017) as Carl
  • Versailles (2017) as Father Étienne
  • Night thieves (2018) as Captain Judson
  • Good omens (2019) as Duke of Hell Hastur
  • Dublin Murders (2019) as Doctor Cooper
  • Young offenders (2019) as Dinny Molloy
  • Foreigner (2020) as Lionel Brown

So this is it ! Everything you need to know about Ned Dennehy’s biography. Indeed, he earned his place at the top as an actor in movie scenes. His outstanding performances have earned him many fans who adore him on screen.

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