America’s family plan could affect students early in high school



RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) – President Joe Biden is pushing for his American Family plan that would give students two free years of community college.

“We know that higher education opens the door to opportunities,” said Dr Carol G. Perez, CISD mission superintendent.

Perez said President Biden’s proposed plan to pay for two years of community college would greatly benefit Valley students from low-income families.

“Over 80% of the children come from low socioeconomic homes, so for our students that would be a huge advantage,” Perez said.

Many schools in the Rio Grande Valley are already Early College High Schools, which means that some students take college courses and earn an associate’s degree. This begs the question of whether these students should be able to participate in the American Family Plan.

“They are already proving that they are very serious about their future plans and if they need any help they should be considered for those additional two years,” said Rosalba De Hoya, deputy superintendent of McAllen ISD. .

De Hoya said a student’s first two years of study after high school are the most important and could determine whether they continue on to graduate school.

“A large percentage of students who leave are because they find it very difficult to have to be in an institution and then be able to work,” said De Hoya.

If students are given the financial support to have two years of free education from the start, De Hoya said it would increase their chances of staying in school.

The US family plan proposed by President Biden would also provide a universal preschool for three and four year olds.



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