Best Family Movies on Amazon Prime in July 2021


Finding the best family movies on Amazon Prime is tough. Not only does the Kids section have more TV than movies, some of the movies in this section are… well… not that good.

Either they’re silly neon pablums aimed at a very young crowd, or they’re movies that are pretty darn old (1970s movies might be hard to sell with kids). So we combed through Prime Video to find content that parents can watch with kids of all ages, from 6 years old to mid-teens.

In addition to MPAA ratings, we’ve included Common Sense Media ratings for each movie. The group is highly respected when it comes to helping parents find the right movie for their specific family. We have a wide range of movies for different age groups, starting with 6 year olds and over Ramona and Beezus and other movies better for teens.

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Steven Spielberg is the master of small town sci-fi – I mean, come on, he’s so good at it that Stranger Things is essentially an entire show based on trying to take the formula he perfected at the start. from the 1980s. And nowhere is this magic more apparent than in ET. It’s an almost perfect encapsulation of childhood, tackling family dramas, school, friendships, and the all-important question of what to wear for Halloween, then flipping it over by throwing an alien into the mix. Oh, and there are some mean government agents too. It’s a perfect family movie: kids will be mesmerized by ET’s antics, adults will enjoy the nostalgia, everyone will be captivated by the story. Common Sense Media rates it as 7+, but as its official PG rating makes clear, there are some scary moments, so it’s not a pro all age. Oh, and expect tears at the end. Many of them. – Marc McLaren

Common sense media rating: 7 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 98%

MPAA Rating: PG

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Big fish

Best Family Movies on Amazon Prime: Big Fish

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The words “Directed by Tim Burton” carry a lot of weight. Because let’s face it, the man behind Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice will probably never make a boring movie. A bad movie, sure – we saw Planet of the Apes – but not boring. Big Fish is certainly not boring, nor bad: rather, it is a wildly inventive and often fun experience from start to finish. Ewan McGregor is brilliant as the great storyteller Ed Bloom, who navigates a magical world of witches and werewolves, mermaids and enchanted villages while seeking his true love – or is he just making it up all of this ? He’s ably backed by a stellar supporting cast including Albert Finney, Jessica Lange, and Helena Bonham-Carter, and also oversees the star turns of Danny DeVito and Steve Buscemi. Some (minor) nudity and slight swear words earn him a PG-13 rating, while Common Sense Media features him at 12 and over. Sounds fair for a movie which might be a bit too much of a hassle for younger kids anyway. But believe us, it’s a great family movie for older kids. – Marc McLaren

Common sense media rating: 12 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 75%

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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Ramona and Beezus

Based on Beverly Cleary’s bestsellers, the stories of young Ramona Quimby (Joey King) and big sister Beezus (Selena Gomez before her pop icon days) begin in a healthy and chaotic way. You know, the kind that many accident prone toddlers will find both relatable and fun. Things get a little sad when Ramona’s dad loses his job and a pet dies, but the film’s healthy energy shines through and teaches some solid lessons about self-confidence.

Common sense media rating: from 6 years old

Rotten tomatoes: 70%

MPAA Rating: g

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Chicken coop

Best Family Movies on Amazon Prime: Chicken Run

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We don’t really think about the life that chickens lead before they end up on our plates. But young audiences can get started once they see the peculiar flock that lays eggs on a quaint Yorkshire chicken farm. Of course, however, an American rooster ends up on the scene and raises the fever in the name of freedom. It’s Rocky (voiced by Mel Gibson), trying to teach his fellow chickens how to pilot the chicken coop. But when Mrs. Tweedy’s farm gets a chicken pie machine, Rocky has less to convince and more to escape to achieve.

Common sense media rating: 7 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 97%

MPAA Rating: g

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Best Family Movies on Amazon Prime: Explorers

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A very young Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix star in this classic coming-of-age movie that may sound familiar, but has a lot of heart. Ben Crandall (Hawke) and Wolfgang Muller (Phoenix) somehow manage to create a real spaceship, inspired by their life as lovers of fantasy and science. They even end up going to space and encountering alien creatures. Think of things a little less strange, it’s less scary and more charming.

Common sense media rating: 7 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 74%

MPAA Rating: PG

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Super 8

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Masters of film and television JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg directed and produced (respectively) this fantastic piece of sci-fi and family fantasy. Intended to listen to vibes of retro nostalgia (like Stranger Things, but a little more natural), Super 8 focuses on a group of kids in the late ’70s in a small town in Ohio who encountered the supernatural during shooting a movie on a super Your kids might ask “why don’t they just use an iPhone?” And you can explain to them how in your day the film had to be developed before it was seen. Elle Fanning runs a solid cast of lesser-known child actors while veteran actors Kyle Chandler and Noah Emmerich provide adult supervision. If your kid doesn’t like casual sci-fi, you might want to wait.

Common sense media rating: 13 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 81%

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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The big sick

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Okay, that might be overstating, given its R rating, but Common Sense Media is willing to consider The Big Sick a suitable film for kids 15 and up, so we should consider it here. The film covers a lot of complicated things, including illness, as Kumail (Nanjiani, playing a character based on her own backyard with co-writer Emily V. Gordon) falls in love with Emily (Zoe Kazan), only for the sake of it. ‘she begins to fight a mysterious illness that sends her to the hospital. The film also addresses the issue of Métis couples. Nanjiani’s traditional Muslim parents are frustrated with his decision to date a white woman, while Emily’s parents (played by Holly Hunter and Ray Romano) struggle to get to know Kumail and have incredibly awkward questions to ask.

Common sense media rating: 15 years and over

Rotten tomatoes: 98%

MPAA Rating: R

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More family films to broadcast

If Amazon doesn’t have enough family-friendly movies for your household, check out our best family movies on Netflix guide, as well as HBO Max, which contains the excellent Studio Ghibli movies and content from Looney Tunes and Sesame Street. Of course there is always Disney plus, but you already knew about the big house streaming service of Mouse, right?

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