Best New Family Movies & Shows To Stream (October 2021)



October is the month of all scary things, and the streaming services have plenty of kid-friendly Halloween content. If ghosts and goblins aren’t your thing, there are other fun options for families to watch together as well. Don’t forget the snacks!

Scary cats – October 1, Netflix

Your tweens will love this new Netflix original series. When 12-year-old Willa Ward receives a magical cat amulet as a birthday present, she and her friends end up unlocking a world of magical witchcraft.

Double, double, toil and difficulty – October 1, Hulu

This Halloween-themed film stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as 7-year-old sisters who unravel a family mystery involving their great aunts. The movie is super cheesy, yet entertaining, and will give parents all of the nostalgic ’90s feel.

Maleficent – October 1, Disney +

This re-imagination of The Sleeping Beauty tells the story through the eyes of the antagonist, the evil fairy Maleficent. The film shows the origin story of how Maleficent became a villain and also makes viewers sympathize with the character.

The spooky spells of Blippi Halloween – October 1, Hulu

Blippi has a brand new special that will delight all preschoolers. Join Blippi as he explores Halloween decorations, visits a candy store for treats, and carves a pumpkin lantern.

LOL Surprise: The Movie – October 8, Netflix

Chances are your kids are obsessed with LOL Surprise dolls. In the new Netflix original special, a girl gets stuck in the CG-animated world of dolls and has to help the LOLs (including Magic Gamma Babe and Starlet) shoot a movie.

Under the envelopes – October 9, Disney +

Need something light to diffuse with young children? This silly caper does the trick. When a group of friends accidentally awaken a mummy, they must rush to bring the creature back to its resting place before midnight.

Haunted Mansion of the Muppets – October 8, Disney +

Disney lovers know the theme park‘s ultra-spooky ride, The Haunted Mansion. The special takes Gonzo to the infamous Haunted House for a Halloween challenge. The twist? Kermit, Miss Piggy, and other Muppets are all ghosts trying to scare Gonzo out of the house. The film also features three brand new Muppet songs, including “Rest in Peace”.

SharkDog Halloween Fintastic – October 15, Netflix

The original Netflix show SharkDog has a brand new Halloween special. Sharkpack’s friends get ready for the holidays, and SharkDog finds himself having to save the treat from a sea monster.

Rookie of the Year – October 22, Disney +

Many kids have dreamed of playing baseball for the Chicago Cubs, but what if they actually had the chance? After breaking his arm in a freak accident, 12-year-old Henry Little Leaguer discovers he suddenly has the ability to throw over 100 mph. His magical talent is noticed by the Cubs, who immediately recruit Henry.

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