‘Big family home’ in leafy Sheffield suburb to be replaced by apartment building



The two blocks of three to four storeys of two bedroom apartments will be built at 298 Norton Lane with 17 parking spaces.

A council officer recommended approval ahead of a meeting this week, saying it would help close the housing deficit and have economic benefits through construction and residents’ spending.

Councilor Garry Weatherall, who voted in favor, said: “I think it fits very well, this is what the area needs… If people are going to downsize, we have to build downsizing properties. staff and it suits this region perfectly.

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Town hall.

“I think that with the green roofs, the charging of cars and the storage of bikes, it ticks all the boxes and I will support that.”

But the committee was split and voted seven to five in favor.

Councilor Andrew Sangar, who voted against, said: “I’m really struggling with this app… I just think it’s a bit too massive for the site it’s in. It’s just bossy in terms of the frame. I accept the principle that we have to build on the site, I just think the developer tried to put too much on this site. If there were two stories in the front and three stories in the back, I wouldn’t have a problem putting up with it, but three and four are just too bossy.

Council is currently unable to demonstrate a five-year deliverable housing supply, which means that real estate developments are favored unless there is a substantial reason to decline.

Councilor Bob McCann, who voted in favor, said: “I don’t think we have any choice but to support this because the current regulations mean we can’t refuse anything, basically which is a bit of a pickle.

“The bottom line is that architects these days seem to be able to draw only straight lines. Everything is square boxes, built like Lego bricks.

“I will support him but I am very reluctant.”

Prior to the meeting, council received 23 objections to the plans, including from Ward Councilor Steve Ayris.

Concerns included the view and the fact that it didn’t match the other properties.



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