Blocked in the United States, Yanina Latorre imagined a family project: which city did she choose


In recent days, from their social networks, Yanina Latorre she was very upset by the new restrictions imposed by the national government on international flights. The panelist, who traveled with her family to Miami in early June to get the shot and take a few days off, now cannot return to Argentina. Far from standing idly by, he is developing a family project: traveled to Orlando to visit the famous Disney parks.

Unable to return to our country due to the restriction measures put in place by Alberto Fernández due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus, the little angel tells the stories of other stranded Argentines and pure irony exclaimed: “Albertico, get us out of here!” “.

Beyond the indignation, the little angel was expecting his daughter this Thursday, Lola Latorre, will finish passing a college exam to embark on the adventure with a friend and their respective children.

Lola and Dieguito were going to go. I joined at the last minute», He told through his Instagram stories where he explained that he has three hours of road to go to Orlando where he plans to visit the amusement parks.

I’m going to go to the biggest store, I’m going to buy mickey ears and go for a walk ‘enorejada’. (…) So I’m very lucky… I’m afraid of all games. I don’t take you on a roller coaster or disguised as a monkey“He warned.

The health situation in Argentina

In order to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections, and in the face of the threat of the Delta variant, the government proposed in early July in a new DNU a series of restrictions that weigh on Argentines who are abroad and wish to return in the next few days. Since only 600 passengers could enter the country by air.

Although the validity of the measures is expected until next Friday, the government was studying the extension of stocks for flights for 15 additional days. However, in the last few hours, justice has ordered the government to coordinate the return of two stranded passengers in the United States who are suffering from health problems. The decision was adopted by criminal chamber judges Mauro Divito and Juan Esteban Cicciaro, who gave the chief of staff 24 hours to comply with the resolution.

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