Catherine McBroom criticizes people for “making fun” of them who risk losing their homes



YouTube’s reigning powerhouse, The Ace Family, continues to shy away from rumors their home is being foreclosed. The allegations surfaced online after it was said that Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom refused to repay their debts, which now amount to more than $ 9 million.

As rumors that the Dream Mansion would be up for auction continued to circulate online, The Ace Family’s Catherine McBroom turned to Snapchat to respond to the ongoing rumors. The 31-year-old mother-of-three has built up her own following on the platform. Her Snapchat fans also encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel separate from The Ace Family channel.

Catherine McBroom denies her house is being auctioned off (Image via Snapchat / catherinepaiz)
Catherine McBroom denies her house is being auctioned off (Image via Snapchat / catherinepaiz)

When asked why the family was living in denial of their house being listed for sale, Catherine McBroom replied:

“I haven’t talked about any of this publicly, but if I did, I think most things are hateful; people who with us in pain and failure would feel very stupid to always imagine the worst. It’s just not fair how people can just assume that I’m not paying my bills or something.

She continued:

“It’s so far from my character and so much more. I think people forget that we built our house… and that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Most cities are closed and unable to get permits etc. Everything in the world does not have to do with money.

The former Victoria’s Secret model ended the post with:

“Seeing people laughing at the idea of ​​losing housing is unhealthy. Wish people good luck! “

The story of the Ace family’s financial troubles

The Ace family has amassed over 19 million subscribers on YouTube and is estimated to be worth over $ 22 million. It seems unfathomable that parents are unable to pay their accumulated debts. Although the couple often flaunt their wealth online, they also continue to hide several lawsuits they are now fighting against.

Austin McBroom hosted the Battle of the Platforms: YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing match that reportedly fell short of the estimated pay-per-session and put his company Social Gloves Entertainment in debt. Boxers, investors and performers including Vinnie Hacker, Bryce Hall, Kevin Hart and James Harden have reportedly sued the Austin company.

Social Gloves had also partnered with media company LiveXLive, which allegedly sued the company for $ 100 million.

Although Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom have vehemently denied bankruptcy, documents circulating online explain otherwise. Leaked documents indicating the couple’s house was for sale fueled rumors they were losing their home.

TikToker Bryce Hall also released a document regarding him suing The Ace Family’s Austin McBroom company, making it clear that the family is drowning in lawsuits.

The Ace family mansion was supposed to be auctioned on September 28, 2021 but has now been postponed until October 12, 2021.

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