Catherine Paiz Says ACE Family Home foreclosure drama is a ‘false story’


Amid rumors of losing their kingdom, the ACE family remained silent the entire time until Catherine Paiz denied rumors of their home being foreclosed.

The family matriarch took to her Snapchat account to answer questions from fans. When asked what she thought of the rumors that her house would be foreclosed, she replied:

“It has been such a blessing. All the false stories and false rumors have been a blessing in disguise, they made me appreciate how blessed I am and come closer to God, I feel so alive.”

The 30-year-old’s response seemed calm and thoughtful. Although she claimed the house to be closed was just a rumor, fans believe she is denying the family is losing their mansion.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

What happened to the ACE family mansion?

The ACE family’s $ 7.5 million mansion is rumored to be foreclosed after the couple failed to make payments. The family had built the house of their dreams by combining two mansions. Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine McPaiz are worth over $ 22 million, but they haven’t paid their mortgages on time.

Legal documents for the house being pre-foreclosed have surfaced online and the house has also appeared on Zillow with the address blocked.

The ACE family are also said to be the subject of another lawsuit from their former landlord because they prematurely broke a contract and failed to pay rent on time.

Family tax woes aside, Austin McBroom recently made headlines after failing to pay his employees on time. The patriarch of the ACE family is said to be the owner of Social Gloves Entertainment, which hosted the Battle of the Platforms: YouTubers vs TikTokers event. Several boxers and performers claimed they were not paid for the event. Rumor has it that the company is also bankrupt.

Austin McBroom has actively denied the eviction and payment controversy, and it appears his wife Catherine is following in his footsteps.

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