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There are countless reasons to spend time having fun as a family. But it can be difficult to find affordable family activities that engage everyone in your family. Use these ideas to brighten up family time without spending a fortune.

  • Host a “drive-in” movie night.
  • To play hide and seek.
  • Picnic in the yard.
  • Listen to a podcast or radio show together.
  • Research your family’s ancestry.
  • Camp in the yard.
  • Organize a kitchen.
  • Build an obstacle course.
  • Learn a TikTok dance.
  • Read a book together.
  • Create a Family Olympiad.
  • To clean.

Read on for a list of fun family activities you can do in or around your own home.

Host a drive-in movie night

In your living room, set up a simulation of a drive-in theater for your children. You can go all out by decorating cardboard boxes to look like cars or just laying out throw pillows. Deliver snacks and drinks to each “car” and show a movie on your TV or use a projector if you have one.

To play hide and seek

This kids game can be fun for the whole family if you get creative. Let everyone get involved – older children and adults – challenge yourself to find the most creative spaces. Alternatively, hide one or more objects and create a treasure hunt for your children to solve.

Picnic in the yard

Enjoy a picnic with your loved ones in your backyard. Throw burgers on the grill or pack a basket of snacks. Leave the phones indoors and enjoy nature.

Listen to a podcast or radio show together

Your young children might be shocked to learn that it was time before you could watch movies and TV shows on a device in your pocket. Get nostalgic with a little radio drama. Find a podcast or a vintage radio show, gather your family and listen together.

Research your family’s ancestry

With DNA kits sent by mail and online databases, tracing your ancestors has never been easier. Although some of these options can be expensive, you can find plenty of them for free online. Work together to learn more about your family history.

Camp in the yard

Depending on where you live, backyard camping can be a fun way to get your kids out of the house. Pitch a tent, grab sleeping bags and flashlights, and sleep under the stars. If the weather does not permit, try camping indoors. Microwave s’mores for maximum effect.

Organize a Cook-Off

Introduce a little friendly competition with classic cuisine. Give everyone some time in the kitchen, then savor your family’s creations and vote for a winner. Stick to desserts or plan a week where everyone is challenged to cook dinner.

Build an obstacle course

With a little imagination, you can turn your house into a fun obstacle course for your kids. Use couch cushions, hula hoops, painter’s tape, or anything else you can think of. Your kids will love competing for the best time. Try this activity indoors or outdoors.

Learn a TikTok dance

Tons of families come together on social media platform TikTok to recreate different viral dances. Download the app, brainstorm original twists with your family, then film your own. You might think your teenagers would cringe at the thought of dancing with their parents on camera, but the younger generation seems to love having their loved ones go viral.

Read a book together

Reduce screen time and learn something new by reading a new book together. If you have older children, try reading individually, then discuss at a family book club meeting. For younger children, get everyone together and take turns listening to one person read aloud.

Create Family Olympics

Organize seven to ten different events and host your own family’s Olympics. Use your family’s interests to choose the activities, like a long-distance baseball pitch or a typing marathon if your family prefers low-impact hobbies. For added fun, let each family member design their own flag to represent.

To clean

If you’ve exhausted all recreational activities, be productive. Divide the chores around the house and make your housework a family celebration. Put on some music, dance a little, and enjoy your time with the ones you love.


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