Check out the “Family House” map from Gun’s “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” video game!


Gun Interactive took to Twitter this week to share a map of their upcoming The Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game, giving us a first look at one of the playable spaces.

The team notes, “You’ve seen the screenshots, you’ve seen side-by-side. Now take a closer look at the playable space on The Family House map in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Gun Interactive goes on to tease this morning, “Stay tuned all week for a preview of the Gas Station and Slaughterhouse, plus an upcoming Hub article!”

The game will feature classic villains from the movies as well as new family members, and the events of the Chain saw the game will take place *before* Tobe Hooper’s original classic.

Kane Hoder plays Leatherface, and Ed Nealwho played the hitchhiker in Tobe Hooper’s original horror classic, will reprise the role in the upcoming game.

Here is the plot synopsis: “A group of five young adults led by Ana Flores sets out to find her missing sister. What they found was terror beyond their wildest nightmares.


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