Citizens opt for family activities to celebrate fathers



Santo Domingo, RD

In order to have a good time and celebrate Father’s Day together, several citizens interviewed decided to opt for activities at home and not to buy items or clothes for dad, to commemorate Father’s Day of today in the countryside.

During a tour of a team of this media, by the various stores located on avenue Duarte and Villa Consuelo in the capital, the people questioned declared that they would not give anything for lack of employment, while others would opt for family activities.

This is the case of Argenis Núñez, who said he will go to his father to share and have lunch together as a family. “I’m leaving with my wife and my daughters in the Las Caobas area, because he deserves it, he’s a good father,” he expressed with satisfaction on his face.

Likewise, Eladio Sosa has chosen to share with his family inside the country.

“Today I’m going to share with the family in San José de los Llanos … it’s the best gift,” he said.

However, many have special cases, because their relative has passed away, others say that their father is in delicate health conditions, so they decide to give more love, as well as medicine. This is the case of Ana Aybar, who was in the lively neighborhood and assures us that she will give her father some medicine.

“The gift for my father is love and medicine … he has already had several thromboses,” added the lady.

Meanwhile, Fernando Sánchez, a trader in the commercial sector of Villa Consuelo, said he would not be celebrating the holiday, as his father passed away last year due to health issues.

“In my case, my father passed away last year… what we’re going to do is bring him flowers at the cemetery,” said Fernando Sánchez.

Lack of employment

For her part, Anny, another respondent walking around the premises, said that since she does not have a job, she is unable to give her father a present. “I am not in good shape financially at the moment, I am not working,” she said of the subject.

Likewise, María and Clarisa Ureña, when approached, confined themselves to saying that they could not buy anything because they did not have a job. “We won’t buy anything, we don’t have a job,” they commented.


In contrast, Alejandro Batista, who works in a jewelry store, pointed out that sales were minimal during the week. Yet they were invigorated through the commemoration of Father’s Day.

“Sales this week have been a bit slow, but today we saw the flow of people,” he explained.

While Manolo Fernandez, manager of the store La gran vía, revealed to the journalists of this media that the attendance of people to make purchases in the targeted store was minimal for the purchase of gifts for fathers.

“Father’s Day is not important in the Dominican Republic… in some cases it is celebrated with a family meal,” he said.

He later added that other vacations in the country have sold more than these days, but that may be due to the passage of the covid-19 pandemic.

“For opportunity stores, a long weekend is more important than Father’s Day,” said the manager.

Likewise, in the Sederías California commercial store; Teresa, one of the traders, said clothes such as flannels and men’s underwear were among the top sellers yesterday to give to fathers.

However, Esterlin Castillo added that “things are very slow” when it comes to sales.



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