Covid-19: Family activities to do together at home


With restricted Covid-19 circulation in place, families are staying home instead of going out to minimize their risk of contracting Covid-19. But do not worry. There are many fun activities we can do indoors.

These activities allow us to stay safe while learning a new skill. It is also a time to spend time with each other and strengthen the family bond.

Check out these five indoor activities for college students.

A crash course in cooking

If 18-year-old Mathilda Ramsay can cook up a storm on her TV show, Mathilda and the Ramsay Bunch, so can you! School holidays are the best time for parents to teach their children the basics of cooking and baking. Start by learning how to cook simple one-pot meals or how to bake simple cakes or muffins.

Learn traditional games

How about playing some traditional games like congkak, batu Seremban and galah panjang with your siblings? These games are fun and allow students to experience the tradition, culture and heritage of Malaysia. And the best part is that you don’t need any electronics or Wi-Fi to play these games.

Try farming

Do you know that with a little creativity and effort, you can plant vegetables in your garden? Surf the internet or watch YouTube videos for simple tips on how to grow greens in confined spaces. Through this process, students can learn about the ecosystem and how to grow the food they eat.

DIY projects

Instead of watching the latest TikTok videos, how about surfing the internet for cool DIY and craft ideas? On Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, kids can learn a range of different types of arts and crafts ideas, including 3D paper book covers, turning cereal boxes into file organizers, and DIY boxes. homemade using recycled magazine paper. The best part is that these projects are simple and help stretch your ringgit further.

Master a new language

Interested in learning to speak a foreign language like Korean, Spanish or Tagalog? There are many online portals that offer language lessons for free. Some of these interactive online courses can help build grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. If you like K-dramas, you can watch Crash landing on you without having to read the subtitles.


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