Edmonds Kind of Play: Uptown Market, Free Family Movies, Bike Camp

Enjoying ice cream at last week’s Uptown Market. (Photo by Larry Vogel)

When planning summer outings, either to break up screen time or to do things outside when it’s not raining, my ideal time is something I consider airy. You know that feeling of something that isn’t over-planned but there’s a little something for everyone and no one falls apart even if their preference is for the false security of over-planning? I thought about that sentiment when I read the comments on Uptown Edmonds Evening Market’s post from last week. Market visitors enjoyed their time and they found food once there plus I imagine live music in the back and some goods you didn’t buy but glad you were come home.

The next Uptown Edmonds Evening Market will be Tuesday, July 19 from 4-8 p.m. on 236th Street SW between 84th Avenue and Highway 99, with plenty of parking available at the church Edmonds Lutheran. This Tuesday features live music from the family trio, 100 Huckleberry’s. In addition to musical entertainment, there will be “fresh, straight from the farm” produce, local crafts and food vendors who can turn this into an entertaining produce run with dinner! There will be a total of six Uptown Edmonds evening markets on Tuesdays, which restarted earlier this month, including July 26 and August 9, 16 and 23. For more information, you can go to EdmondsWA.gov

As we walked past Edmonds Library, a mother friend of mine looked at the closed building and thought about how much she relied on the library in the summer, especially with the little ones, and I totally agree. I think of a day reading a book, grabbing a froyo or some of those crayons that turn into watercolors that I wanted to try. Although Edmonds Library is still closed indefinitely, we received many Edmonds Library updates this week, including ways to interact with the library in person! First, we found out that the Dayton Street Book Depository is open again, with the Main Street option remaining closed for the time being. Then Sno-Isle.org posted a “Road to Recovery” explaining that a pipe supporting the roof garden broke and estimates are that water was overflowing into the library for possibly 8-12 hours. . The end result was about two inches of water over the 17,000 square feet, which miraculously spared “books, public computers, and other materials.” These were then quickly retrieved and the entire library collection transferred to the Marysville Service Center. (You can read more in this My Edmonds news story here.)

The post also listed ways to use the library while it is closed. The bookmobile will be at Edmonds Library every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. During this time, staff will be available to answer questions — including facility updates — and provide research assistance. Books can be returned on site at the Dayton Street Book Depot in Edmonds or any other Sno-Isle location. You can also have your reservations sent to Lynnwood Library, which has a large aquarium and large seating area for children, or one of the other Sno-Isle Libraries. For those using the library for Wi-Fi, it will be available from the parking lot – I had to do this when we were in quarantine and was really grateful for the option. If you need other library services, you can contact them by phone, email, or even text at www.sno-isle.org/contact-us/

The Edmonds Theater offers FREE summer family movies every Tuesday at 11 a.m. – doors open at 10:30 a.m. Each week the theater will screen a family movie rated G or PG, with July 19 being Despicable Me and the July 26 offering being Minions. A friend reminded me of Summer Family Movies and said that when they arrived at 10:15 for a screening there was only a small line and they ended up having a lot of people. space in the theater even with first-come, first-served seating. . There are options for snacks with $2 for a child-sized popcorn and drink and $5 if you add candy to that! The theater is also accepting donations to fund future summer movie series. For more information and a full list of movies, you can visit TheEdmondsTheater.com.

The same friend told me his youngest did a Pedalhead Bike Camp at the Frances Anderson Center, and I didn’t know we had an option in the area! I’ve seen Marymoor Park Camp, while checking out their Audubon Loop, and it still looks like a good time for a wide range of kids. I went to Pedalheads.com to check out offers and see classes for kids starting at 3 years old before the end of the year. There were options for riders who wanted to learn a balance bike. There are camps for learning how to balance and steer, or how to navigate intersections and higher levels can focus on using your gears efficiently or building mountain bike skills. There’s a short video (TikTok or Instagram reel depending on your age) of a small child lying on the ground with a parent walking away holding his bike with the narrator offering someone a lot of money to learn how to her child to ride a bicycle. I wish I had known that too, but mine could have used it back then! For more information on the courses offered at Edmonds, you can visit Pedalheads.com.

— By Jennifer Marx

Jen Marx, a mother of two boys in Edmonds, is always on the lookout for a fun place to take the kids that tires them out enough to go to bed on time.


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