Exclusive: MoviePass adds family plan


Ted Farnsworth, Director of MoviePass

So far, MoviePass has been a breakthrough innovation aimed solely at getting individuals to attend more movie screenings at a local multiplex than in the past. By making movie tickets affordable – through a low monthly subscription – MoviePass encourages frequent attendance, which helps in areas like concession sales, theater awareness, and hopefully word of mouth. positive ear for blockbusters (like Deadpool 2 or Solo: A Star Wars Story) and indies (like American animals). In an effort to continue to revolutionize its service and meet a need for customer service, MoviePass confirms to CinemaBlend that it will introduce a family plan that will allow families of four (or less) to purchase all of their tickets at once, all under one account, to make the process more convenient than it currently is.

In an exclusive interview with CinemaBlend, CEO of Helios and Matheson Analytics, Ted Farnsworth, who is the parent company of MoviePass, explained:

We’ve been working on this one for some time. So it’s a family plan, and it’s also the “bring a friend” plan. … it would be the same [cost] that it is right now. We could do something later to get more discounts on the family plan. … But it is all the comfort to go there with the family. You have everything in one app, one card, one whole.

It’s an obstacle you don’t consider in the modern age to go to the movies. Because now we as an audience have the option of choosing our own seats, what happens when you decide to go to the theater in a large group? If everyone is using a different app to buy their own tickets, how do you know who is sitting where? Or, if you’re an individual and signed up for an unlimited screening program, what do you do when your whole family wants to see The Incredibles 2 or Solo: A Star Wars Story?

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MoviePass believes that a family plan, or the “Bring a Friend” option they plan to unveil, will streamline the process for members who have memberships so they can keep the order on one card and allow up to ‘for four family members to choose. their seats together at the time of ordering.

Ted Farnsworth explained that, for now, the family plan will still require each member to have an individual MoviePass subscription, at the current rate of $ 9.95 per month. And the limitations would still be in effect: one new movie, once a day, every day. But this new family plan would allow a group to consolidate tickets into their order, in an effort to improve convenience. And over time, a discount rate could be applied to the Family Plan (but not right away).

MoviePass representatives told CinemaBlend that the company plans to unveil the Family Plan and Bring-A-Friend programs later this month, so if you think these bundles will make MoviePass an easier-to-use system for your family, please go ahead. on the lookout for news of the program launch. We’ll have more of our conversation with Ted Farnsworth from MoviePass in the coming days.

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