Family activities to try at home



As COVID-19 spreads across the United States, more cities have closed as local governments ask their citizens to stay in their homes and socially distanced. Social media has allowed communication between friends and family to continue, but even with this people can be bored inside their homes all day long. It has skyrocketed some people’s creativity, finding something new and exciting to do every day. If you’re looking for more ideas, keep scrolling.

Cooking competition

If you live with your family or friends, this is a great way to create some friendly competition and hopefully delicious food. First elect your judge, then ask everyone else in your house to find a dish they want to make. You can even make it a thematic contest, where everyone cooks a certain type of food in the same big category.

If you want more intense competition, add a time limit so that the food is on a plate and ready to eat. Scores are based on presentation, creativity / meal selected and flavor, just like any other intense cooking competition on TV. Prepare your mixing bowls and go!

To take some fresh air

There are so many ways to do it, like walking or running, but you can also plan a whole day of your outdoor adventure. As it begins to warm up outside, our quarantine limits may be extended, as long as we stay six feet from others.

On a beautiful day, try going for a bike ride with your family. You may plan to stop at various places along the way. A bike ride is also a great way to find hidden places around your home. Maybe you will find a new trail, gazebo, or a cool building, depending on your location. Pack a picnic, so you and your group can have a meal in an interesting location, while enjoying the fresh air. Don’t forget your speaker and a blanket for the perfect pit stop.

Game night

It’s another way to tap into your competitive edge. Whether through board games, table games or card games, there is bound to be family fun. If you’re playing a fast-paced game, like ping pong, you can even create a parenthesis to see who the ultimate champion is. You can also add a little more competition to your night out by keeping track of how many times players have won or lost. Then when all the games are over, give rewards or consequences.

Home drive-in

Make your movie night a production in itself by transforming your driveway into a drive-in. You will need to own or borrow a projector for this activity. Hang a white sheet of paper on your garage door to use it as a big screen and set up your projector. Then put your car back in the driveway, open the trunk, and fill the back seat with pillows and blankets. You can even hang string lights to create a cozy atmosphere.


It’s a safe way to spend time with family friends. Each family should prepare or buy their own dinner. Then, all the families meet in a parking lot for a meal, quarantine style. Make sure you park your cars far enough away that people from different families are not too close to each other. Remember to bring chairs to sit around your car and eat! Groups of friends can also do this, as long as each person drives their own car to the parking lot. Find your own stash of snacks and drinks, put on some music and enjoy.

Treasure hunt

Maybe it’s been a while since your last scavenger hunt, or maybe you haven’t done one since you were a kid, but we have to get creative if we are to stay busy during quarantine. Start by assigning each person in your family someone else to do a scavenger hunt. Make some guidelines, like parameters and number of clues. Write and hide your clues, and let the game begin! You can add an incentive to a prize for whoever finishes their hunt first.



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