Four carpet pythons spotted in the home of an Australian family. Watch the video


Spot a small snake inside your home can send shivers down your spine. Now imagine large carpet pythons visiting you over a period of two to three days. A family from Buderim in Australia had to deal with four of these slippery intruders in their home during the same period.

Videos showing the rescue and release of two carpet pythons have surfaced online. The clip shared by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 shows the pythons lurking on the deck of the family home. Lifeguard Stuart McKenzie can be heard saying in the video: “It looks like one is male and the other is female. They are on the bridge and it looks like they are about to mate.

Another snake is seen crawling through the chairs. McKenzie catches the reptile as it descends to the ground and transfers it to a cloth bag. He then aims for another snake crawling through the chairs and manages to capture it. One of the reptiles is seen released into the wild at night towards the end of the clip.

Snake Catchers mentioned in their Facebook post that several snakes are spotted in a house during breeding season. “4 Big Carpet Pythons on a family’s deck! It doesn’t happen very often, but during breeding season we regularly get called for multiple snakes in one home. This particular spot in Buderim had 4 pythons lurking on their back deck over a 2-3 day period, and 6 snakes in total over a 2 week period. Crazy!” Wrote Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers on Facebook.

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Netizens were shocked to see the clip. A Facebook user commented: “I would have a heart attack if I lived there.” “No choice in Australia. All snakes are protected. They also have to release from a certain distance,” one user commented.


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