Fun family activities to bond


Family dynamics can be complicated. With multiple members doing their own thing and at different stages of life, it’s easy to become separated. We’ve rounded up a few family activities to help you get your family together on their next game night, but first, how to choose.

How to decide on a family activity

To avoid arguing when the goal is otherwise, try a fair and equitable voting process for family events. After all, no one will consistently want to participate in an activity they don’t enjoy, week after week. There are a few options to help you choose family games fairly:

  • Drawing: Everyone writes down three ideas, and the papers are tossed into a bucket and drawn by someone on rotation each week. Whatever activity is drawn, it is carried out for this week (or another period)
  • Rotating choice: More direct, rotating choice means that each week a new member of the family chooses their activity. The rotation will continue until all family members have chosen. Then the rotation will start again.
  • An agreement: Rather than letting one person choose the activity of the week outright, the family can discuss until an idea is chosen and selected. This can help avoid reluctant family members, as long as everyone agrees in the end.

So what are the options for bonding? Fortunately, a lot!

card games

Let’s start with card games, whose popularity has risen sharply during the pandemic. There are plenty of games to play with a regular deck of cards, or special cards can be purchased to keep toddlers entertained.

For example, Old Maid or Uno might be a fun add-on, but there’s definitely no need for an additional purchase! Some of the best family card games include Go Fish, Hearts, Texas Hold’Em Poker, and Nerts, as listed here. Your family’s favorite game may be the one you haven’t tried yet! Be sure to try new things to keep things fun and rediscover old favorites.

board games

One of the universal activities for family activities is a good old board game! Popular types include:

  • sorry
  • Monopoly
  • Candy Land
  • Yahtzee
  • Guess who
  • Difficulty
  • and more!


These games are fun because they never get old. There is always a new and different way to play the game, which leads to endless fun. If board games aren’t quite your family’s speed, or you’re looking to mix things up, consider other activities, like quizzes!

Family outings

Every family needs a trip away from home from time to time. Not for school or work, but for quality time with each other! There’s an endless list of things to do, but what’s best for your family will depend on your interests and budget. An activity where the family walks as a group can be just as rewarding as a special outing to bowling or mini-golf.

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