Fun Family Activities to Do on Your Tampa Florida Vacation


Go see the mouse
Depending on the age of your children, you may need to take a trip to Orlando. It’s about two hours from Tampa to Orlando. To avoid spending too many days with Mickey and Goofy, consider arriving early on a single day and spending the day letting everyone ride for the day.

Of course, Disney World is amazing. However, an Orlando vacation can be both expensive and very kid-centric. You can enjoy a more balanced vacation with more days in Tampa proper.

All your little builders (and your bigger builders too) will love a trip to LegoLand. Like many kid-centric travel features in Florida, you can make this location work well with just one day at LegoLand.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, consider spacing out LegoLand with some time inside the quieter Glazer Children’s Museum or the Florida Aquarium. You might also want to line a suitcase for the memorabilia collection to avoid crushing Orlando ears or Legoland kits.

Florida Aquarium
The waters around Florida teem with wildlife. If you have smaller people who aren’t confident in swimming along the beach, consider a trip to the Florida Aquarium. Older children can spend time volunteering, caring for sea turtles and studying at Coral Conservation Program.

It’s easy to stock up on themed toys and gear on your family vacation. The Florida Aquarium is a great place to study the library and purchase books. You can also study before you get there by checking out the virtual learning options on their website.

world of dinosaurs
You may not be in a good position to take the time to travel to Orlando. No problem! Take a trip to Dinosaur World in Plant City. Not only will you and your children enjoy this experience, but this park is also open to the family dog!

You’ll find animatronic dinosaurs, rides and a climbing play area for kids of all ages to burn off energy and have fun. There are also interactive features inside the display area that allow children to see the fossils up close.

Take a fishing charter
Treat older kids to a long boat ride in the bay on the tampa’s best deep sea fishing charter! It may be the day to divide the clan a little; not everyone is crazy about fishing or even being on a boat. Small children may not be very excited about being on a big boat.

That being said, a trip to the blue waters off Tampa may be just what your older kids need for a wonderful fishing trip. You’ll benefit from expert help, quality equipment and advice from a professional who really knows the waters.

Salvador Dali Museum
The Salvador Dali Museum in Tampa offers free access to children 5 and under on timed tours. This museum is a proud member of the Museums for all program, a national program that encourages families of all income levels to come and check the Cash Clock.

If your little ones aren’t quite able to manage time in an art museum, you can enjoy a nice walk around the facility and visit the cafe for a nice lunch. It’s a great day for you and your little ones to relax a bit after a day on the rides at one of the many amusement parks in the area.

Busch Gardens
If you like the great outdoors, exotic animals, beautiful scenery, and rides, you need to spend a day or two at Busch Gardens. You can

  • eat all day for one price
  • To go on a safari
  • take a wonderful roller coaster ride
  • enjoy other rides for those who don’t need to rush!

This facility allows you to purchase family travel packages to customize your enjoyment. For less than $90 per person, you can create a collection of activities that you and your family can enjoy all day without having to stop, withdraw cash, or buy tickets to the next event.

The manatee observation center
No matter how carefully you prepare, finding things you can do for free or at low cost can be a real treat. Plan a trip to the Manatee Viewing Center. You can bring a picnic, follow the habitat loop trail, visit the butterfly gardens, and learn about manatee habitat protection.

Your trip to Tampa can include full days and quiet days. You can also just hang out on the beach. No matter what you plan to do, you can be sure you can find fun activities for every member of your clan, including the dog, on your family vacation.


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