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There is no time like family time. And what better way to enjoy these moments with your little ones than to cook, bake and make snacks together? According to the New York Times, what you do with your kids in the kitchen really matters. If they are regular little helpers, these early investments pay off as it can help them become more health conscious, give them confidence, and help them learn about the ingredients.

Apples make family snacks fun and healthy

You’re probably home more often than usual these days, so why not make the most of it? Studies show that families who snack together stay together. When you give them snacks that contain all the right nutrients, you are preparing them for success and better eating habits as they grow older.

Who Said Healthy Snacks Can’t Be Nice? There are all kinds of ways to create and enjoy flavors with fresh fruit, like apples. Apples are a great source of fiber and nutrients for any growing child, and there are all kinds of snack recipes you can create with them.

Pairing healthy snacks with a family movie

Family movie nights call for family snacks. And if you’re looking to avoid popcorn, soda, and sweets, why not create a healthy, fun alternative that pairs well with the movie?

“It’s a good idea,” says Lori Taylor, CEO of The Produce Moms. “Pairing healthy snacks with things they enjoy, like movies, TV shows, or other activities, can be an incentive and help our kids develop healthy habits. “

If your kids are excited about the highly anticipated new DreamWorks Animation movie, Untamed spirit, you’re in luck because JAZZ â„¢ apple growers have the perfect movie-inspired snack recipe for you. Arriving in theaters on June 4 Untamed spirit is an epic adventure about a stubborn girl who longs for a place to belong and discovers a soul mate when her life intersects with that of a wild horse. The film stars an incredible voice cast, including Isabela Merced (Dora and the lost city of gold), Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, Oscar winner Julianne Moore, Marsai Martin (Small) and Mckenna Grace (Captain Marvel).

The recipe for JAZZ â„¢ Epic Adventure horseshoes is super easy and simple to prepare. All it takes is a few ingredients, a helping hand from your kids, and a little imagination. Here’s what you need to get started:

What do you need:

• 2 JAZZ ™ apples

• 2/3 cup hazelnut spread

• 6-10 tablespoons of rainbow


What do you need to do:

• Cut the JAZZ ™ apples


• Remove the core of the apple using

a round cookie cutter.

• Cut one edge of the

JAZZ â„¢ rings to create a

horseshoe shape.

• Spread hazelnut butter on

top of the form in a horseshoe shape.

• Garnish with glitter.


It’s that simple. A few minutes of preparation for a day or a night full of family fun.



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