Google’s new family plan lets everyone buy more than music


Google’s new family plan for Play Music is probably the best streaming deal you can get, but it extends far beyond just music. Once you’ve set up a family payment method and invited everyone, each family member will be able to purchase apps, games, movies, TV shows, e-books, and magazine issues. Google outlines everything possible with the new plan on this FAQ page.

“Members of your family group can make purchases on Google Play using the family payment method without your consent,” warns Google. This payment method is separate from any payment method linked to your individual account; the new family option simply appears as an alternate payment method when purchasing digital media.

And while family members don’t need permission to make purchases, you’ll receive at least one email every time a purchase is made – and you can require approval for every in-app purchase at the whole family. Additionally, the designated family manager can see a master list of all purchases. In particular, you can not use the family option to buy stuff from the google store or increase your google play balance, the latter seems like a weird restriction. The family payment method can’t be used for Android Pay purchases, which makes a bit more sense. But overall, it’s a really useful thing that Google just gave to Android users.


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