How much does the Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family Plan cost?


Xbox Game Pass is one of the best game deals right now, giving gamers an ever-growing collection of games for one subscription each month. The service keeps growing, often bringing some of the most popular games and even some day one releases. Now, the platform is gearing up to offer a discounted Game Pass friends and family package.

According Windows Centralthe Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family Plan will cost around $24.99 in the US and €21.99 in Europe. Currently, the program is in the test phase in Ireland and Colombia before going public at the end of this year or the beginning of 2023. This is only speculation, because Microsoft just started testing and there may be issues it needs to fix first.

Unlike other subscription-based platforms, everyone on the same family plan won’t need to live in the same house, just in the same country. Windows Central assumes that may change in the future after testing, but we probably won’t know until Xbox has clarified the program’s release date. Since Game Pass isn’t restricted by country, it might have more to do with different pricing.

To share a Game Pass Family subscription, each user will need to have a Microsoft account and connect it to the subscriber by going to this link and log in. Click “Add Family Member” and enter that person’s credentials.

With the Xbox Game Pass family plan likely to launch sometime next year, gamers will need to sit down with family and friends to discuss who will pay for the subscription.


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