How to Find the Best Family Unlimited Internet Plan – Top Features to Look For


In today’s connected world, virtually every member of your family needs a mobile device, which leads to the fact that every family member needs mobile internet too. Instead of having to share YOUR data or turn your phone into a family hotspot, there are now plenty of options for unlimited mobile internet family plans.

However, just like when looking for a personal data plan, finding the right plan for your family is difficult because there are so many to choose from. For this reason, we have created a guide on how to choose the best unlimited mobile internet plan for your whole family and the main features to look forthen read on.

#1 Fast Speed ​​and Speed ​​Caps


The faster the mobile internet speed, the better for you and your family. Downloads don’t take hours, games are more stable, and movie or music streaming doesn’t pause or need to buffer.

Fortunately, mobile internet speeds can now reach even 300 Mbps, so this is one of the first things to look out for with any mobile internet plan. It would also be great if all your lines have the same 300 Mbps speed, but some providers limit non-core line speeds.

#2 Are you covered?


There’s no point in getting 300 Mbps speeds if the phone company you choose doesn’t have extended coverage. The moment you step out of the limited coverage area, speeds will undoubtedly drop to 2G (especially since 3G has been dropped in Malaysia).

So, the next thing to watch out for is to always check the telecommunications coverage map and make sure that your home, workplace, and places you usually go are covered.

#3 Look for true value for money


These days, most unlimited family internet plans cost around RM300 per month, more or less, and the easiest way to check if they’re good value for money is to see the plan price of base and number of rows.

If the basic plan is limited to only 1 or 2 lines, it may not be enough, but if it is 4 and more, you may lose an extra line if you only have 3 family members. We think having 3 lines for the basic plan for a family (1 for you, 1 for your partner and 1 for your child) is the safest as you can usually add more lines for around RM40 to RM50 per line per the following.

There are, however, unlimited family internet plans that don’t allow any additional lines, but if available, that makes things more flexible in the long run.

#4 You can add fiber for home or share for hotspots


Most unlimited plans don’t allow you to share your data, which is understandable since telcos wouldn’t make a profit if people put their unlimited plans in Wifi routers. However, good unlimited family internet plans will allow you to use hotspots. This can be very convenient as many devices in Malaysia like laptops and smart TVs do not have SIM card slots.

Better unlimited family internet plans will also let you add fast home internet so you don’t have to sacrifice your phone just to make it a home hotspot. But when you need to share data outside the home, these best unlimited family internet plans should offer enough hotspot data and the ability to add more if you need it.

#5 Is there a “hiccup”?


Since you’re basically going to be signing up for 1 or 2 years, you should look for an unlimited family internet provider that’s transparent about the cost. This way you will know that there are no hidden costs or “gotchas”.

An easy way to see if your telecom provider is hiding anything or being transparent is to customize the Unlimited Family Internet plan yourself, or if there are calculators out there that show exactly what you’ll get and for how much. You can also search their FAQs and terms and conditions, just to see that nothing is fishy.

So, there you have our top features to look for to get the best unlimited family internet plan here in Malaysia. We wish you luck in your search, but if you’re not really sure, then the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited is an unlimited family internet plan that you could probably choose.


You can use the online calculator to see how much it costs

With 3 unlimited internet lines (1 main line, 2 family lines) for just RM200 per month, the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited plan ticks almost all the boxes in our guide above. Not only does it offer 1GB of hotspot data for each line and no speed caps, but you can also add:

  • 4 other family lines at RM45 per line per month
  • Unlimited home fiber at 300 Mbps for RM100 per month
  • 5GB hotspot data for just RM5

Plus, Digi’s network is well known for having one of the most extensive coverage in Malaysia and they have calculators on hand so you can see what you’re getting. They were also upfront with us about their “unlimited” quota which is actually 999GB per month (to put this in context, most people would only use 60GB to 100GB of data per month), so if you can’t finish using it, it would still count as unlimited, right?

Digi also did one time Special offer where if you sign up between June 1, 2022 and July 31, 2022, you can also get a free lifetime hotspot data upgrade from 1GB to 5GB! To help sweeten the deal even more, they’ll also be adding a free Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite which is a great 8-inch tablet for streaming movies and other content.

If you want to sign up for the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited plan, check out their to place or to their nearest Digi store. According to them, by default, the Digi Postpaid Family Unlimited plan also does not come with a contract, but you can get more savings and benefits if you opt for their 12-month Freedom add-ons.


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