How will the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan work?


Game Pass is already considered a great value, but Microsoft is testing a new tier that could make it even better for groups of friends and family.

Xbox Game Pass continues to deliver quality gaming experiences. In addition to constantly adding games to the subscription service, Game Pass has added more features to its vaunted library with the Game Pass Ultimate tier. Beyond bundling Xbox Live Gold and EA Play subscriptions with Game Pass, Ultimate also offers perks like free DLC and free trials of services like Marvel Unlimited and Disney+. Yet with all of this, Microsoft is currently testing a new way to add even more value to Game Pass subscriptions.

The latest addition to Game Pass does not add more content to the service. Instead, Microsoft is adding a feature that will increase the accessibility and affordability of Game Pass. A family plan that allows multiple accounts to share a Game Pass subscription is currently being tested in Colombia and Ireland. Here’s what’s currently known about the Family Plan beta and what it means when it rolls out to Game Pass subscribers worldwide.

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The Game Pass Family Plan allows subscribers to share a Game Pass Ultimate subscription and all the benefits that come with it, with up to four other people. The only caveat is that all four people must be from the same country. Anyone hoping to play with their friends and family overseas through this service is out of luck. As the name suggests, the most important utility of the family plan is for families who want to play Game Pass games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge together without paying separate subscriptions.

Colombian and Irish Game Pass subscribers currently testing the family plan aren’t restricted to a single platform either. As Senior Technical Program Manager, Tyler Mittleider, Sr. put it in a post on, the Family Plan “makes it even easier to play the best Game Pass games with your friends and family across console, PC, and cloud…” Each member added to the Family Plan gets “their own unique access” to Game Pass. This means that players are not beholden to the main account’s game library. If a player is invited by a Halo fanatics to join, but they are more interested in relaxing games, they are free to play them at their leisure.

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From the details of the test regions, it looks like the family subscription plan will be a new tier of Game Pass. Microsoft has yet to announce pricing. Speculation based on its cost in Ireland has projected it at $24.99 per month, which works out to $5 per player. Time remaining on an existing Game Pass plan will convert when players upgrade. The example given by Mittleider, Sr. is a full month of Game Pass Ultimate converted to 18 days of Family Plan membership. Once players switch, they must wait for the family plan to expire before they can switch back to another plan. This conversion offer only applies to the primary account holder, not those they invite to join their plan.

Imperfect as it may be at this point, Game Pass has competition in the form of Sony’s new version of PlayStation Plus. Creating a new tier based on a user-friendly feature like the family plan should help Microsoft retain its goodwill for Game Pass and avoid the criticism the Premium tier of PlayStation Plus faced. The fact that the family plan will help Microsoft to increase the number of subscribers which could decrease after the delay of games like star field could explain why Microsoft is introducing this new tier in Game Pass. Allowing friends and family to enjoy Game Pass together at a time when disposable income is tight for many people is commendable.


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