In Spain, old country buildings converted into single-family homes


Estudio Roberto Lebrero’s project focuses on the recovery of existing structures in ruins and the reuse of materials. Fru House is located in the countryside of Frumales, a small village in one of the valleys of Segovia, Spain: a place where cultivated land and stone houses abound.

The plot housing the private dwelling is the result of the aggregation of three plots where there were stone buildings in ruins. The project was designed with the aim of emphasizing the connection with the territory, studying local building techniques and choosing the right structural system. The addition of concrete walls made it possible to raise the structure from the ground – the entrance is accessible by a staircase – and to introduce a self-supporting wooden roof. A feature that characterizes the house inside and out, in a combination of pre-existing and contemporary.

The multi-layered stone facade, meanwhile, tells the story of the place while providing excellent thermal insulation for the inhabitants. The height of the roof and the openings in the walls make it possible to produce cross ventilation and a chimney effect, useful for the circulation of air in the space.

Fru House also has a front patio, towards which the bedrooms face, a garden and lots of windows, and a bright and flexible interior with clean lines.


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