Inside Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion: From Idyllic Family Home to Mess-Filled Home


Glamorous ex-model Katie Price has gotten a new show on Channel 4 allowing viewers to peek inside her Mucky Mansion home.

The mum-of-five plans to restore her once idyllic family home to its former glory and take viewers with her on her journey.

Katie bought the lavish stack in West Sussex from Cabinet Minister Francis Maude in 2014 for a hefty £2million.

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The once stunning 11-bedroom property is nestled in leafy Horsham and was once enviable real estate, but now it’s a shambles in desperate need of repairs.

The 2019 home video

Katie in front of her Mucky Mansion

In 2019, the 43-year-old went out of her way to give fans a peek inside her home to try and prove once and for all that her mansion wasn’t actually filthy as she shared a video on YouTube.

But that only created negative discussion as the video captured trash piled on the floors.

At the time, she said just thinking about sorting through all the clutter gave her a “headache”.

In the stables it even looked like the horses had been replaced by heaps of clothes and in the stable door a huge pile of bird droppings was visible.

She said: “Instead of a horse, it looks like bird shit.

“It’s exhausting knowing where to start, which room which stack.”

“I don’t need these clothes and I always say what can I wear? Where do I start?”

The Guardian

One of the messy rooms in Mucky Mansion
One of the messy rooms in Mucky Mansion

Her housekeeper, Charlie Farthing, spoke about the state of the house, describing what it actually looked like.

He claimed the smell of cat and dog pee was overwhelming throughout the house and the broken windows caused a draft throughout the building.

He said the 11-bedroom house had piles of dog poop everywhere.

Price drop

Piles of clutter and clutter in Mucky Mansion
Piles of clutter and clutter in Mucky Mansion

In the next Channel 4 show, it is said that Katie will get an estimate of the current value of her huge house before any repairs are made.

The former glamorous girl is believed to have lost around £1million on the property after it fell into disrepair and a series of burglaries.

In 2021, after images emerged of Price and her fiancé Carl Woods apparently moving back into the flat after living elsewhere, a neighbor told the Mirror: ‘I don’t think Katie is actually going back to the house, she just use it for storage.

“And anyway, it’s such a mess that it would probably cost him a few hundred thousand just to make the place livable again.

“The land is littered with landfills, the cesspool needs to be replaced, there is fire damage and the ceiling is still damaged from the flood, so there is also damp throughout the house. .”

Mucky Mansion by Katie Price will air on Channel 4 on Wednesday January 26 at 9 p.m.

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