Inside the bustling family home of RTE star Baz Ashmawy with his fiancée Tanja and six children


When the RTE star isn’t busy with his television work, he spends plenty of time with his fiancée Tanja Evans and their six children at his stylish and comfortable Dublin home.

Baz Ashmawy is always busy with his work on RTE, however, when he’s not performing alongside his mother Nancy, he spends time at home.

The TV presenter lives in a stylish and comfortable house in Dublin with his fiancée Tanja and their six children.

The family of eight has a large dining table where they can enjoy their meals. It is located in an open space with their kitchen.

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There is a giant black framed mirror to add depth to the space and some of their children’s artwork placed on the walls.

Baz’s kitchen has white cabinets and presses with a black and white patterned backsplash.

They added a white paneled kitchen island topped with a black granite countertop to match the other worktops.

The couple chose stainless steel finishes for the room, including their range hood and sink.

The living room has two gray sofas for the family and a red patterned rug in front of their fireplace.

Their fireplace is white marble with family photos and awards placed on top.

The RTE star added a mirror in the corner of the room which features an intricately designed frame.

His room with Tanja has a tall gray headboard, dark purple walls, and black curtains hanging from the windows.

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