Inside the family home of Irish rugby’s Johnny Sexton with his wife Laura and their three children


The rugby star and captain of the Irish national team is very busy ahead of his game against the New Zealand All Blacks, but he also spends a lot of time at home with his family.

Johnny Sexton is one of Ireland’s top rugby players and the captain of the country’s national team.

As he prepares for his next game, the sports legend spends a lot of time at home relaxing with his wife Laura and their three children.

The family home is very warm and comfortable and the perfect space for the family of five to spend time together.

Johnny’s living room is very modern with off-white walls, a black gas fireplace, and a large built-in flatscreen TV that his kids love to use to watch their dad in action.

The room is filled to the brim with toys to keep children entertained as they play on an interesting black and white patterned rug.

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Their sofa is a soft gray fabric sofa that blends in perfectly with the color scheme of the room.

The area is connected to the rest of the living space in an open floor plan. The family pine dining table is located off the living room. It’s surrounded by fluffy gray chairs with nails.

There is plenty of bright light coming from the tall rear windows, and the room is covered in family photos lining the furniture.

Johnny’s back garden has high concrete walls covered with ivy to provide privacy for the sports star.

He has a bit of everything in the area, with a beautiful flowerbed full of flowering plants, a patch of grass for the kids to run on and a concrete patio where he enjoys working out on his stationary bike. .

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