Lottery: A refugee family’s plan to win $4 million


A South Australian refugee family who won a whopping $4million lottery win has revealed what they plan to do with their newfound wealth.

Aristide Nininahazwe and his wife Esther Mboneye say they will work less and spend more time with their children after winning $1million in cash and a $3million house in Adelaide’s seaside suburb of Henley Beach.

The couple, who arrived in Australia separately and then met and married, were stunned to win the Hospital Research Foundation Group Home Lottery, a charity that raises money for medical research and improving facilities in hospitals.

“When you become a millionaire overnight, you have so many things on your mind,” said Mr Nininahazwe, also known as Brian. Daily Mail Australia. “You wonder if it’s true.”

Ms Mboneye added: “Every time I fell asleep I kept having nightmares… Like someone was going to come and knock on the door and say they had made a mistake.

“We feel very privileged and lucky to be in this position, because not everyone is so lucky, so it’s very overwhelming… It’s a dream come true.”

They welcomed their second child, a baby named Cairo, the same day they finished moving into their new home.

The victory will allow the couple to take a day off each week or fortnight to spend with their family.

“Sometimes we were both doing two or three jobs at a time and were barely home to spend time together.

“Children…grow up so fast. I think just making memories when they’re young and having that opportunity is actually amazing. So it’s really nice to be able to hit the brakes.

The couple are from Burundi in East Africa. Esther’s parents fled to Congo in the 1970s where she was born, however growing unrest in the region forced the family to make the uncertain journey to Australia in 2005. Aristide also fled war civil society in Burundi in 2011.

The couple both work in the health sector, Aristide is a disability support worker and Esther works as a nurse.

Andrew Costello called the pair live on SAFM breakfast radio to let them know of the win.

“You’re kidding Cosi,” said Aristide.

The duo said they just wanted to give back to the community.

“Our goal wasn’t to win this…it was just to give back to the community,” Aristide said.


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