Meet Lifetime Landry Family Star Raechelle Banno With These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)



Lifetime has an exciting film series premiering this weekend and we caught up with Raechelle Banno, the star of the franchise, to learn more about her.

The Landry Family Series by VC Andrews is a four-movie, two-weekend event, and the first two movies air on March 20 and 21.

The Landry film series follows Ruby Landry (Banno), who after being raised by her loving grandmother and spiritual healer in the Louisiana Bayou, is trapped in a world of dark family secrets and betrayals, when she finds out she has another family living in New Orleans.

Raechelle, 27, is an Australian actress who debuted in the long series At home and away. She also starred in the first season of The CW’s action drama. Pandora. Learn more about her with these 10 fun facts:

  1. I’m what you might call a ‘Bad Australian’: I don’t like Vegemite. Never had!
  2. I trained and participated in dance competitions for about 15 years. Jazz, tap dancing, ballet, contemporary. My phenomenal grandmother made all of my costumes.
  3. I have an obsession with podcasts. I almost always have one playing and it almost always tells a true criminal story. (Hello Murderino friends…)
  4. I’m studying French with Duolingo! (I’m studying French with Duolingo) My very basic understanding of high school was useful for the Ruby films because my character sometimes speaks French. I was so nervous to speak it when we shot it in Canada… where people can speak French!
  5. I love boxing – I accidentally signed up for classes with former World Champion Terry Norris while spending time in LA. Fucking hard work, he’s amazing.

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  1. My last job before becoming a full-time actor was in funeral insurance.
  2. My fierce cat Holly has only eight lives left after surviving a fall from four floors once. The windows are securely locked, don’t worry.
  3. I insist on watching everything on TV with subtitles. I want to know what the doctor is saying in the hallway as our heads pass. Why miss a detail ?! [MUSIC INTENSIFIES]
  4. My remedy for homesickness when I travel for work is to buy candles that smell like my mom and put pictures of my loved ones in every room I attend. Like that, they are always with me.
  5. The first time I had to kiss another actor, I was terrified because I was sure I would fall in love with him immediately. I did not do it. I left feeling like a perfect professional… and thank goodness because it turns out that kisses come back a lot in this industry…!

The first of four VC Andrews Landry films, Ruby, airs Saturday evening (March 20) on Lifetime.



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