Microsoft could offer a Spotify-style family plan for Xbox Game Pass



With the integration of Game Pass into the Xbox experience, the issue of family sharing was to follow.

Xbox Game Pass is one of the best values ​​for any in-games subscription service, but what if it could deliver an even better deal for families? That’s what an Xbox owner asked the company, and the response has been surprisingly open.

Always responsive Xbox manager Phil Spencer was asked on Twitter if Microsoft was considering offering a solution for households with multiple Xbox consoles if they wanted to share a single Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Other subscription services, such as Spotify and various Apple services, offer a family option that unlocks all the benefits for multiple users (usually five) in the same family, for a little more money.

According to Spencer, offering a family level of Xbox Game Pass is something Microsoft really wants to do.

“This is something we would love to do,” Spencer replied on Twitter.

“There is a Home Console feature for a console fireplace[s] but for multiple family members with consoles, a family plan would be helpful. I really appreciate the comments. “

Obviously, this isn’t confirmation that a family plan is coming to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s good to see Microsoft not opposed to the idea. Considering the value the company continues to add to Game Pass, with things like game streaming and the addition of EA Play, it’s very possible that a family option is coming down the line.



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