Mint Mobile Unveils Modern Family Plan, Helping Families of All Sizes Save on Wireless Bills


Mint strengthens its presence as the most affordable premium wireless on the market with a new family pricing model

mint mobile, one of America’s fastest growing brands, today announced its new wireless family plan, The Modern Family Plan™, which continues to upend archaic traditions and norms in the tired wireless category. Mint’s Modern Family Plan is a breakthrough in value for families across America, allowing each family member to get Mint’s $15/month plan.

Mint continues to disrupt the wireless industry with unparalleled value and fresh thinking, and this new family plan is an important next step in the brand’s pursuit to bring affordable, premium wireless to everyone. With Mint’s Modern Family Plan, 2 people make a family – not the 4 more that other carriers historically require to get the best price – plus family members can choose from any of Mint Mobile’s plans , not just the most expensive. options.

“I didn’t want Mint Mobile to just have a standard family wireless plan. I wanted it to be good enough for my family,” said Ryan Reynolds, owner of Mint Mobile. “We pulled it off. In fact, it may be too good for my family, but it’s more my problem than the wireless industry’s.”

About Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile is America’s easiest and most affordable premium wireless service. Launched in 2016 and owned by actor and entrepreneur Ryan Reynolds, Mint Mobile is a D2C wireless brand running on the T-Mobile network, the nation’s largest 5G network, with no contracts or overages. With unlimited calls and texts, nationwide coverage, and plans available for as low as $15/month, Mint Mobile offers incredible value for a premium service.


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