Mint Mobile’s first family plan comes at a pretty steep price


Mint Mobile, the popular prepaid wireless service that uses T-Mobile’s network, today launched its first family plan with prices as low as you could expect from a traditional carrier.

The Mint Mobile Family Plan starts as low as $15/month per line and the minimum number of lines is 2. You can mix and match the plans which will bump the price above $15/line, but the idea here is that going from 1 to 2 lines doesn’t really change the price if you don’t want to. You get the same cheap price regardless of the number of lines.

Compare that to someone like Verizon, where you get the biggest discount once you hit 3 or 4 lines and you can see how good that could be for a 2 person plan. You can basically mix and match individual plans to create your own family plan.

At $15/month, Mint Mobile gives you 4GB of data to use per month. If you upgrade to $20/month, the data increases to 10 GB. Mint also offers an unlimited plan for $30/month. All plans include unlimited calls and texts with nationwide coverage, as well as LTE and 5G connectivity. They also include free calls to Mexico and Canada, free use of mobile hotspot with data included in your plan, and Wi-Fi calling.

So yes, if you want a prepaid option at a fairly reasonable price, here’s Mint Mobile for you with their new family plan. You can see all their plans here.


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