New ‘Addams Family’ Movies Miss Addams Family Point


The Addams Family slipped into public consciousness on August 6, 1938 via a New Yorker cartoon. That makes this creepy franchise older than almost every other mainstay of pop culture except Superman, and he’s only got four months on the First Fear Family. It is highly probable that nothing will ever be able to put the Addams Family six feet under, probably because the Addams would consider being buried alive like a spa day. The Addams Family has evolved over time over the past 80 years, which brings us to the current iteration of the creepy band seen in the new version The Addams Family 2. They’re computer animated, they’re family friendly, and they’re… I don’t know, there?

Am i a Addams Family purist? i mean i love the Addams Family. I have a crush on John Astin’s Gomez and I just might have spent $[mumbles] on a tailored, almost screen-accurate Gomez suit for use all year round (and especially on the occasion of Halloween). Maybe i a m a Addams family purist– but I will let you know that I came and enjoyed the 2019 animated feature very much! Still, there is a particular problem with new films, in particular The Addams Family 2, it is to keep this revival of the necessary levels of okiness.

THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2, Gomez Addams (voice: Oscar Isaac) supported by Thing, 2021. © MGM / courtesy Everett Collection
© MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

As a franchisee, The Addams Family It’s not about conforming to standards – and today’s fast-moving CG-animated children’s films are all about standards. New Addams Family films have winning qualities, that’s for sure! The voice cast is solid (Oscar Isaac is uniquely positioned as my hero, Gomez) and the character designs and aesthetics are a charming mix of dusty old New Yorker cartoons and modern CG sensibilities. But the stories? They all talk about the formula of life lessons and fart jokes multiplied by nostalgic songs amounting to sure-fire success and rewarding children’s entertainment. The most appallingly unique family has been locked in a terribly drab casket.

The atmosphere of The Addams Family 2 can best be summed up by a scene in which Wednesday uses a voodoo doll to send Pugsley twisting and moving around Niagara Falls, all marked by House of Pain’s “Jump Around”. There’s another scene where Lurch is singing “I Will Survive”, because sure he does. It feels like those lowest common denominator needle drops are just there to make parents nod their heads and think, “Oh, yeah, I remember” Everybody hurts “from REM (which is used in the 2019 movie, because the Addams are dark). It’s, dare I say, complacency – and the Addams don’t flatter anyone! The ’90s film had the right idea while waiting for the credits of end to release MC Hammer’s “Addams Groove”.

But the biggest problem with the revived franchise has to be the forced learning of the lessons. Every children’s animated film should have a lesson. Make an effort! Believe in yourself! Never give up! We live in a world where Troll dolls have something to say about cultural appropriation and Paw Patrol tackles political corruption and environmental disaster.

Let’s be clear: this is not a bad thing. I grew up on Muppet Babies, a series that taught me to love being a nutcase. I’ve also developed a long-standing affinity for chain restaurant pizzas because of the Lessonless Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so… yes, lessons are a good thing to have. The problem is that the new Addams Family movies miss the point of the Addams Family and the morality room pass that they must totally screw up. The two Addams Family movies are mired in messages about being unique and embracing your weirdness and not being afraid to stand out in a crowd, yadda yadda yadda. The problem is, these are lessons that addams don’t have to learn!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY 2, from left: Morticia Addams (voice: Charlize Theron), Gomez Addams (voice: Oscar Isaac), 2021. © MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection
© MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

The Addams Family can be without course because the simple existence Addamsis in their (unnatural) state is a lesson in itself. The 60s Addams Family show and the movies of the 90s have maybe a third lesson hidden in all these hours. Gomez and Morticia freak out when Pugsley wants to be a Boy Scout for an episode, and the ’90s movies teach us to… uh, be on the lookout for crooks and serial killers? Especially if they are played by famous actresses. The Addams, be it the Astin / Jones or Julia / Huston clans, were themselves shameless no matter what. Okay, with the exception of Uncle Fester, but his identity issues were plot points (amnesia and deception) and not flashing neon signs saying “YOU ARE YOU!” “

These movies and shows have had an impact on generations of people again! The only lesson that everything Addams Family the story needs to teach is one that is obvious to everyone: just live out your wacky, spooky, wacky truth. That’s it! Yet for some reason Wednesday Addams had to learn variations of these lessons in back-to-back movies. These movies make up a problem (an Addams feels like an outcast) and then spend 80 minutes solving it (but being different is good!) When they could just let the Addams be themselves (which is Lesson) and then play the movie just having fun.

Photo: MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

The only thing that really serves Addams Family the reality for the moment is that of FX What we do in the shadows. There is no real moral episodes, and if you desperately need to see one in a TV comedy about mediocre vampires on Staten Island, then it’s the same that’s crucial for the Addams Family: love the skin you are in, even if the sunlight immediately sets you on fire. The show doesn’t need to focus on that, but it’s evident anytime Laszlo proudly talks about his sexuality or when Nandor becomes a super fan for the 1992 Dream Team. The whole character of Colin Robinson is built up. around a strange form of trust! Instead, the series gets happily chaotic and revel in the comedy that comes from these eccentric characters reacting to mundane life. That’s what The Addams Family is! If we get a third Addams Family animated film, it’s the cheerfully chaotic vibe he should aim for. Take the lesson as read and just give us a scary good time.

As for the next produced by Netflix’s Tim Burton Wednesday series…? I’m… I’m going to have some thoughts on that one too.

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