New Michael Myers Funko Pop Comes With A Replica Of The Family Home



A new Halloween Funko Pop spirit! set for Halloween includes a bloodied Michael Myers and a replica of Myers’ original boarded up family home.

New Funko Pop! Halloween the set includes Michael Myers and the original replica of the House of Myers. Halloween was created by writer / director John Carpenter and follows a masked serial killer named Michael Myers who terrorizes a small town in Illinois on Halloween night. The film spawned a number of sequelae over the decades, with a new sequel trilogy starting in 2018. Jamie Lee Curtis stars as Series star Laurie Strode, a woman terrorized by Myers, AKA The Shape as he stands. launches into a killing spree. , leaving many of his friends and townspeople dead.

The final trilogy is from director David Gordon Green, who skipped the sequel timeline after the original 1978 film, following up about 40 years after the original film. The central chapter of the trilogy, Halloween kills, was released last month, grossing $ 131 million worldwide when it hits theaters. The last chapter of the series, Halloween ends, is scheduled for release on October 14, 2022.


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A new Funko Pop! exclusive set of Halloween Spirit was released, starring Michael Myers and his iconic family home. The figure is a new twist for Funko, featuring blood splatter on his mask, a bloody knife, and hair back. The house is the boarded up version, which was condemned after the initial murders when Myers was a child. Take a look at some pictures below:

the Halloween The franchise has stood the test of time since the original’s debut, spawning seven sequels after the original and then two more films in a reboot series from director Rob Zombie. The new trilogy will add three films to the series, bringing the grand total of Halloween movies in 40s to 12s at the time Halloween ends released. Producer Jason Blum has said he hopes to have even more Halloween films after the last chapter of the new trilogy.

Funko has created a huge amount of Horror Pops! and the Halloween the series has quite a few in this range. Collectors of additional franchises can find everything from Friday 13 at Freddy at Hellraiser and beyond. Spirit Halloween has featured exclusive sets every year, including sets for Trick or treats and Hocus pocus, now with Halloween be added to the mixture.

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  • End of Halloween (2022)Release date: October 14, 2022

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