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With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to sit down and watch movies.

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With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect time to sit down and watch movies. Between now and Christmas, there are about a million Christmas movies we can watch with our kids, but it can get a little old year after year. Christmas movies are great on their own, but they all have common themes and plots. Maybe Christmas needs to be saved. Or distant family members need to reunite. Or a young child has lost his faith in Santa Claus. Either way, if you’ve seen one Christmas movie, you’ve seen them all.

With an assortment of streaming services, there’s no shortage of holiday movies. What’s missing are family movies that fit the holiday mood but aren’t directly about Christmas. Not everyone celebrates Christmas and not everyone loves Christmas. And not everyone loves the generic Christmas movies made every year. There’s no doubt that the season is changing and the holidays are here, but Christmas isn’t the only thing happening next month. A big part of vacation is about family and just about spending time together. These six movies are all perfect for family movie night if you want to skip the movies right on Christmas.

6 Godmother

This Disney+ original movie is set during the Christmas season, but it’s not about Christmas at all. A fairy godmother-in-training named Eleanor is sent to earth to do her best to grant the wishes of a little girl whose letter she received. The problem is that the letter is old and the girl who wrote it is now a down-on-his-luck single mother. Eleanor does her best to convince this grown woman that she is magical and is here to help.

5 The sound of music

This musical is a favorite with audiences during the holidays, although it does not take place around Christmas or the holiday is even mentioned by name. A young Julie Andrews plays the role of au pair for the wealthy Von Trapp family who eventually fall in love with the dashing and handsome father. The songs and sets are classics. television broadcasts of The sound of music have been played on holidays for decades. this is why this musical is often considered a holiday movie. It’s the perfect family viewing and the one you need to watch this month.

4 Rugrats Hanukkah

This holiday special isn’t about Christmas at all, because it’s about Hanukkah. For many of us moms, we grew up watching the Rugrats show and their holiday specials were ones we’ve seen before. Thanks to the magic of streaming, we can share our childhood shows with our own children. The main baby Tommy Pickles is half-Jewish and the show’s creators decided to explore that. This special episode of Rugrats tells the origin story of Chanukah told to babies by Tommy’s grandfather. We love the representation here and love this special. The babies tell the whole story for viewers and shine a light on a holiday often overshadowed by Christmas.

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3 Little woman

The film version of the classic novel is a simple story of four sisters in Civil War-era New England. Both the film and the novel take place over ten years, but there are amazing Christmas scenes throughout. The book actually begins at Christmas, but the book is certainly not about Christmas. Both the 1994 version and the updated 2020 version of the film have a holiday feel to them, so it’s a personal preference which one to choose on. The snowy New England setting and family theme make this a great movie to watch during the holidays.

2 An American tail

This sweet 1980s cartoon isn’t about Christmas, but has the common family theme in movies that look like Christmas. Fievel is a Russian Jewish mouse who is separated from her family when they immigrate to the United States. The rest of the movie is Fievel trying to find his parents and his sister. You will laugh. You will cry. You’ll love it.

1 Harry Potter

the Harry Potter the films are considered holiday viewing although the films are not directly about Christmas. Although each book contains Christmas scenes and time that are depicted in the films, the December holidays are certainly not a plot-driving element. The first Harry Potter movie made Screenrant’s list of non-mainstream Christmas movies. These films were also released in theaters during the holidays, which is why we consider them Christmas films. Plus, with eight films over two hours long, winter break and long dark nights are the best times to watch the Harry Potter series.

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