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The holiday season is just around the corner and that means parents are going to be taking time off from work, the kids are going to be out of school and now is the perfect time to spend some quality time. Where everyone puts all their worries and stress on the back burner and focuses their energy on being with their family. While it can be easy to just want to hibernate indoors to escape the cold and snow, there are still many reasons why it’s important to get out and enjoy the snow and the fresh air in. Winter.

According to Montessori Academy, playing outside in winter is extremely important for children and their development. Not only is being outdoors important for their level of physical activity, it is also good for their mental development. When children go out in the summer, they are exposed to green leaves and trees, but in winter the landscape changes. It is important that they see what each season has to offer. It is also better for everyone’s sanity not to be locked inside all day. If you’re stuck on what your family can do outside of this holiday season, we’ve got 9 great activities for the whole family.

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Make a crown

A homemade Christmas wreath
via Unsplash / Milada Vigerova

Many families have wreaths on their doors and in their homes this time of year, and while you can buy a beautiful one, why not make one with your family? According to Run wild my child, making a wreath doesn’t need to require a trip to the craft store. Families can walk around and pick up items outside to make their own. They can scavenge pine branches, pine cones, and other fallen items, then return home to assemble.

Hot chocolate stand

A cup of hot chocolate
via Unsplash / Giancarlo Duarte

We’ve all seen lemonade stands in the winter, and it’s a cute way for kids to make change. In winter, the family can run a hot chocolate stand for passers-by to stop and have a nice hot drink. Mom can keep hot chocolate in a thermos to keep warm, and the whole family can get involved.

Discover the lights

Outdoor Christmas lights and decorations
via Unsplash / Steven Van Elk

It’s a great time of year as everyone decorates their homes for Christmas. This means that there are lights and decorations in every neighborhood. Bundle up the family one evening after dinner and stroll through your own neighborhood to admire the lights. You can just find hidden gems.

Winter sports

A child sleds down a hill
via Unsplash / Brendan Beale

These hardly need to be mentioned as they may seem obvious, but sometimes it is the ideas that are missing the most. Remember, this is the perfect time to ice skate, ski, toboggan, and even winter hike. There is something for every member of your family, and it’s a great way to exercise.

Snow art

A snow covered walkway
via Unsplash / Ali Inay

While every kid loves sidewalk chalk, families may think it’s something that can only be done in the summer. According to Radio-Canada, painting on snow is fun, safe and really easy. All mom will need are spray, water, and food coloring. Prepare the water and food coloring mixture, add it to the spray bottles and the kids will have hours of fun spraying and painting the snow outside.

Snowball fight

Mom gets a snowball thrown at her
via Unsplash / Helena Lopes

Sometimes mom and dad need to remember what it means to be a kid again, and a snowball fight is the perfect way. It might seem a little ‘childish’ at first, but once the whole family gets started, everyone will laugh, fall, and create some of the best memories they’ll ever have.

Snow creatures

A collection of little snowmen
via Unsplash / Myriam Zilles

Everyone knows snowmen, and it’s something a lot of families make every year, but try to be a little more creative this year. Instead of the traditional snowman, try making animals or snow monsters and use the objects around you to add functionality and detail.

Snow football

A football net in the snow
via Unsplash / Egor Myznik

Football doesn’t have to be a summer sport, and it can be played in the snow. If mom has soccer, or even a soccer ball, there’s nothing stopping the family from bundling up and playing a game. Falling in the snow is not only less painful, it can also be a lot of fun.

The zoo

Penguins at the zoo in the snow
via Unsplash / Steve Payne

Most zoos are open year round because the animals need food and care, which means there’s nothing stopping a family from spending a day at the zoo in the winter. The only difference is you will all need to be bundled up, but the best part is that some zoos have a reduced rate to enter during the winter, and some of them are even free.

Sources: Montessori Academy, Run wild my child, Radio-Canada


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