Planning safe family activities during the pandemic


OMAHA, Neb. – As mothers try to navigate their way through the pandemic, we wanted to feature them this week for The Rebound – Heartland, “Mother’s Week.” A local mom has taken the initiative to offer families ideas for safe activities during the pandemic so that everyone can stay safe and have fun this summer.

Eight years ago, Kim Reiner started her blog, “Oh My! Omaha.”

“It’s like a mum talking to another mum saying ‘We just found this beautiful and cool park, you have to go see it.’ So it’s kind of been like a megaphone to me,” Reiner said.

The travel and activities blog advises parents on activities for the whole family. But Kim recently had to change her mission, to ensure she offers safe activities for families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We just dug deep and found new things on the outside,” she said.

She recommends activities outdoors, in places like state parks. Large-scale areas are a great way to spend time together without getting too close to others.

“The kids struggle. That’s why I try to stay outside. I think it helps them with their mood anyway that I don’t have to say no so often because we’re spread out, he there are people far from us,” Reiner said.

Her last trip she talked about was to Scatter Joy Acres – a working farm and petting zoo. On her blog, she writes: “the area is spacious, so it is quite easy to practice social distancing”.

“It was like a breath of fresh air for the whole family. It was wonderful to be outside, in open spaces and with adorable animals,” Reiner said.

But still, going to any public space is still considered a risk. A risk pregnant moms like Jessica Ethridge aren’t ready to take.

“Between pregnancy and having a child, we just don’t go out. We don’t. We haven’t since mid-March when schools called for closure and the my husband’s job said he was working remotely from home. We seriously didn’t go to a single store,” Ethridge said.

Since pregnant women are considered vulnerable when it comes to COVID-19, Reiner also offers ideas for virtual family activities on her blog.


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