Police investigate TikTok family home fire as suspected arson


Photo credit: Instaram / The Smithy Family

Police are investigating a fire at the home of TikTok The Smithy Family stars as suspected arson.

On Wednesday evening, more than 20 firefighters spent 90 minutes fighting the blaze at Nick Smith’s home in south-east London. London firefighters said crews witnessed reports of a broken down car and fire investigation dogs were used to “help identify any flammable substance present”.

Weather police confirmed they were treating the cause of the fire as suspected arson.

Nick Smith, his wife and children are popular on TikTok, where they share videos about their daily lives.

The Smithy Family account has over 2.5 million subscribers on the platform, where Nick describes himself as “a guy with ADHD who wants people to be successful, spreads positivity and joy, and is a little bit silly. with my family”.

Posting on Facebook, Nick told fans he managed to get CCTV footage of his burnt out car. He said the pictures show “the two guys [with] a clear path to attack … you can see the intention. They’ve got a bottle of milk full of accelerator, they’ve got a crowbar to try and wedge the door up so they can pour it over the top. The level they have reached to achieve this is unreal. “

Video then included CCTV footage of the apparent attack and Nick asked anyone with information to contact the police.

Shortly after the fire, Nick began sharing updates with his TikTok subscribers, first letting them know that his family had escaped unscathed from the fire.

“We’re all okay with the house, the kids are okay. Teddy is okay, Jack and Amy are okay. Jess and I are okay. The dogs are okay. The house is not okay. The kids are in a safe place. , Jess is in a safe place, ”he said.

“To the two people who did this, you could have killed our family … it’s unforgivable,” he added.

The following videos show Nick and his partner Jess thanking subscribers for their support and returning to the family home to inspect the damage.

“I’m going to get up and get back together – that’s my promise to my family,” Nick said.

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