Preview pricing makes Xbox Game Pass “family plan” seem really cheap


Yesterday, August 4, Microsoft finally began rolling out testing for its upcoming Xbox Game Pass family plan. The program, which allows up to four users to enjoy the benefits of Game Pass Ultimate, has just started testing in Ireland and Colombia. Thanks to the testing phase in Ireland specifically, we now know what the expected price of the program seems to be, at least in this region.

The edge Tom Warren noted that currently the price is set at €21.99 per month in Ireland. That would probably equate to around £20 a month here in the UK and around $25 in the US. We’ll know the exact numbers once Xbox starts rolling out the program to other regions.

Additionally, the video above gives a quick overview of the service, showing how you add people to your family plan and what happens once they’re onboarded. It looks like a pretty nifty service, even in testing, and we suspect this decision will come in very handy for many Xbox users!

Have you been waiting for that Xbox Game Pass family plan? What do you think of the price? Let us know.


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