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Prince Charles is reportedly very keen to lighten the monarchy, leaving key roles only to those who are at the center of The Firm. He is believed to want to assemble a team of seven royals to cut costs and increase the popularity of the monarchy with taxpayers. Royal biographer Angela Levin told talkRADIO this year that it was certainly the Prince of Wales’ plan.

She said he wanted to reduce the monarchy “for a very long time” in order “to cut costs and make people worth the money they get from the taxpayer.”

Ms Levin added that the Queen has kept those at the “outer edge” of the family together for “sentimental reasons,” but believes Charles will prefer the change.

However, Charles’ plans were not well received by Meghan Markle as she worried about what it would mean for her son Archie, royal author Robert Lacey wrote in his book “Battle of Brothers”.

In an excerpt, he wrote: “In pursuing his own cause of the lean monarchy, Prince Charles had made noise about the limitation on the number of RHS created by the George V convention of 1917, thus cutting Archie off from his future prince . ship – and Meghan took it personally. “

He said the issue was a matter of Archie’s title and status, but also concerns about security and protection.

Mr Lacey said the Queen changed the rules of a 1917 convention by extending HRH status to all of Prince William’s children, not just George, who, in the line of direct succession, would automatically receive the title.

The author added: “No wonder Meghan cried foul.”

In addition to that, a source told the Mail on Sunday: “Harry and Meghan have learned that Archie will never be a prince, even when Charles becomes king.”

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During the interview, the Duke of Sussex claimed his father had cleared him before the 36-year-old decided to leave the royal family.

The prince recounted how, while in Canada, his father did not answer his calls during family separation.

While father and son are now on good terms again, Harry said he felt “disappointed” with his father and the couple had a lot of work to do because “a lot of injuries had occurred. “.

Harry added: “Of course I will always love him, but there have been a lot of injuries and I will continue to make this one of my priorities to try and heal that.”



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