Real estate agent slams Catherine and Austin McBroom for allegedly stealing appliances to pay debts


A TikTok video exposing the Ace family has gone viral on the video-sharing platform. The house seized from the family is presented in a state of “disarray”. It comes after the family vlogging channel slammed its former contractors for stealing money and lying about the state of the house.

TikToker and realtor Noah Ross have revealed the condition of the Ace family’s vacant home. In the viral video, he showed the house to be in a state of “disarray”.

He took netizens through the house, showing that kitchen appliances had been removed. The estate agent speculated that this must have been done to “try to repay the bank”.

The TikTok video has now amassed over three million views. It’s worth mentioning that Noah Ross is not the family’s former real estate agent.

How much was foreclosed on the Ace family home?

The former Ace family estate is located in Woodland Hills, where two mansions have been put together to form an oversized mega-mansion. The property comprises 12 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

The mansion also included a vehicle assignment for more than a dozen cars, a garage for at least six vehicles, a half-court basketball court, a swimming pool, and an in-ground trampoline, among other luxury amenities.

YouTube moguls paid over $10 million for the property. However, it was seized for $13 million, as mentioned in the TikToker video.

The lockdown came after the YouTuber failed to produce mortgage and tax payments. They were also being sued for $65,000 by their former landlords for not paying rent on time and breaking the contract.

After the couple repeatedly denied their home was on the market, they uploaded a video titled ‘OUR HOUSE STORY…’, claiming they had been scammed by the home’s contractor and architect . Catherine McBroom also alleged that the contractor was using a fake license.

Austin and Catherine McBroom also detailed several other structural issues with the mansion in the video.

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