Save big on cloud storage with pCloud’s new family plan and back-to-school deal


This cloud storage station is presented by pCloud.

If you’re looking for reliable cloud storage for the whole team, pCloud’s new family plan offers 10TB of shared storage. Plus, a great back-to-school deal can save you a lot of money (up to 80% off).

The Swiss-based company, bound by strict privacy laws, offers affordable and ultra-secure cloud storage and backup for individuals, families and businesses.

Benefits of pCloud storage and backup

The reputable pCloud service prides itself on providing highly secure and encrypted cloud storage, where you can securely store and share personal files, business documents, and treasured family memories.

And just by sign up for pCloud free plan, you get up to 10 GB of cloud storage for free. But this is only one advantage among many others.

pCloud backup

In 2021, pCloud introduced pCloud backup, a service that makes it easy to save files of all kinds, like treasured family photos. It automatically backs up any folder or file from your computer to your pCloud account.

To use it, you don’t even need to log in. Simply choose the folders you want to back up and let pCloud do the rest. There are no limits on file size or download speed.

You can edit files on your computer while it’s offline, and pCloud automatically saves all changes when you come back online. It works in the background, ensuring your most important data is always backed up and available, no matter where you are or what computer you’re using.

You can easily view and restore previous versions of your files. pCloud keeps previous versions of all your documents in the cloud in case you need them. Only the most recent version of each file counts against your storage limit.

pCloud retains old file versions and deleted files for up to 30 days. But you can extend this time up to one year for an additional fee with Extended File History.

Easy file sharing and collaboration

With pCloud, it’s also easy to share and collaborate. You can send and receive files from family members, friends or colleagues. Then you can work them together using pCloud’s file sharing apps and/or its web interface.

Back up third-party apps

Another great feature of pCloud is its integration with third-party apps. Using the Backups on section my.pCloud.comyou can backup your digital content directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook and Instagram.

You can perform backups of different services at the same time, and also stop and resume the backup process at any time. You can unlink an account from the backup settings menu at the bottom of the Backups section.

Upload files from smartphone or tablet

You can access pCloud storage from all your devices through pCloud Drive or the web. But you can also easily upload the files you want to store from your smartphone or tablet, like an iPhone or iPad.

You can do this by enabling the auto-download feature in the app settings. Once you do, the photos and videos on your device will be automatically backed up to your pCloud account. Or, you can use a manual method within the app that allows you to upload your choice of files and folders.

Get 80% Off pCloud Family Lifetime Plan and Back to School 2022 Promotion

pCloud offers a range of pricing plans for individuals, businesses and families. And starting August 15, there’s a new one: a Family Lifetime plan for up to five users with a total of 10TB of storage. (It’s a lot!)

Even better, pCloud’s Back-to-School 2022 promotion applies to this plan at the 10TB or 2TB level. From August 15 to August 31, 2022, it lets you get up to 80% off the regular price of these family packages.

Price: $350 for 2TB (75% off) or $1,390 for 10TB (80% off)

Where to register: pCloud


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